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Thrifting 101: Montreal

Old habits stick with us, and style habits tend to do the same. We see old fashion trends making a comeback all the time, and I think it’s safe to say that style circulates. It’s evident in recent fashion trends, too, with Macklemore singing about thrifting, and hipsters pushing for chokers. Clearly, ’90s has made a huge comeback in recent years, and we even see ’70s-style heeled shoes and ’80s inspired earrings, too. All of these are reasons why vintage shops are key in keeping up with today’s fashion. Moreover, the rise of sustainability and the recent efforts to support local businesses have given popularity to thrift shops.

So where can we scope out some vintage pieces? In this article, Her Campus McGill will give you a list of four vintage stores that are definitely worth a visit this season. Need to restructure your trendy winter wardrobe but on a tight budget? Here’s your solution!

1. Eva B’s – 2015 Saint Laurent Boulevard

I’m sure many of you have already been to this famous thrift shop. They are known for their great variety of product offerings, covering all fashion items, books, records, costumes, and even snacks! Soothingsista, a famous fashion Youtuber, paid the store a visit during her visit to Montreal, and featured the store in her “Montreal vlog”! Clearly, it’s a popular stop for many tourists, and if you haven’t done so yet, visit this store ASAP for some guaranteed new finds!

2. Citizen Vintage – 5330 Saint Laurent Bolevard

Also featured in Soothingsista’s recent Montreal vlog video, Citizen Vintage is another popular stop for those in need of cool, unique, and fashionable vintage pieces.Located in the most hip area of Montreal, the Mile End, it is filled with stylish pieces all hand-picked by its owners, Rebecca and Lara, “with a strong focus on quality and current trends.” According to their website, they “envision a collection of vintage that will slip seamlessly into a modern wardrobe” so if you are new to vintage shopping, and not sure about how to pick out useful and stylish pieces, Citizen Vintage might be a good stop. In fact, they have a men’s, women’s, and even a bridal line to make your search even easier, on top of their blog that will keep you updated on their style inspirations. The most useful and convenient aspect about Citizen Vintage is that they even offer an online shopping platform here

3. Empire Exchange – 51 Bernard Street Ouest

Empire Exchange is another cute little vintage store, which claims to be Montreal’s first and only clothing buy/sell/trade store. Aside from paying in cash, they have a unique system of store credit, which also allows you to shop at its sister establishments (Local 23 and Annex Vintage). According to their website, they house some of Montreal’s best vintage sellers, mainly offering both ’90s and classic vitange items that are sure to make your search much easier. Another great advantage is that they are extremely well-organized, which is rare for vintage stores!

4. Kisch’n Swell & Rokokonut – 3968 Saint Laurent Boulevard

These two stores are definitely two of the most fun stores in Montreal. Although they are two seperate stores, carrying different styles, they are now under the same management, which makes sense since they are literally door-to-door. Once you take a step inside, you will think that you’ve entered a different decade: from decoration, small furniture items, clothing, to accessories, everything in this store breathes vintage. Literally, we are talking about items that will remind you of Rockabilly, Elvis, ’50s housewife, and pin-up. For example, you will be able to identify rotary phones, fringe lamps, vintage lingerie, gilded cigarette cases, lace gloves, and even religious posters. With their head-to-toe “kisch” attitude, you are sure to not only find clothes, but also inspiration!


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