Things to Try This Valentine's Day: An Inclusive Guide for Everyone

It’s that dreadful time of the year again. With Valentine’s Day, it’s extreme excitement or extreme hatred, or everything in between. No matter who you are, I’m sure there’s going to be something relatable for you!

For those that are single but hopeful, whether that be having a crush on someone or knowing about someone’s secret feelings for you. Take the time on Valentine’s Day to send them an anonymous cookie gram, if all goes right you might just land a new partner because of that bold move. If you’re not interested at all, definitely don’t do anything to lead them on, but if there’s even a shadow of a doubt, if this person has popped up in your head when you were just going about your day for some reason, ever, be bold. You won’t get something you’ve never had without doing something you’ve never done before.

If you’re happily single (disclaimer: not that everyone else that’s single isn’t happy though, everyone has preferences, you know what type you are), go out and have a girl’s night with your besties, maybe cook an elaborate meal together, take the opportunity to try out that cooking video that you saw weeks ago and never had time to prep for. Or play a drinking game and drink whenever something in The Notebook makes you cry. Finally, finish it all off with some home-made chocolate chip cookies and milk, while watching Friends and sprawling out on the entire couch.

Then there are the forever alone single ones, here’s a warning: the stereotypes are true, the presence of alcohol does make things better, or anything, for that matter, that can make you forget how you feel when you see couple after couple holding hands, walking in the streets and questioning where they all came from. To you, I want to say, being forever alone isn’t something that you get, it’s judgement, from yourself; you always tell yourself that you’re going to be forever alone, and that’s why you didn’t think too much about that guy that kept on looking at you, you probably just thought he was giving you looks, or that girl that kept on asking you to help her with her homework all the time. Once you start thinking that you’re going to be forever alone, you unconsciously overlook so many things. So, this Valentine’s Day, you could still have cuddle sessions with your bottle of tequila, watch cute, cheesy movies then drown in your tears and stuff yourself with so much chocolate that you feel like a piece of chocolate. Or you can stop thinking that you’re going to be alone forever, start meeting people and put yourself back in the game.

Now, if you’re in a relationship. I’d think that this is the easiest to write an open letter and tell you to try and not be in people’s faces. But what I’m going to say is, this is your day, make the most out of it. Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, if that’s cuddling and having a Netflix marathon, or if it’s putting on fancy clothing and going to a fancy dinner like in the movies, going to the places you’ve always wanted to go to but never had time to. The world is your oyster, this is a day for you, even though people say that every day should be like Valentine’s Day, realistically, it never can be. So take time and appreciate the day that you can be as needy and as high maintenance as you want to be.

The last kind is if you’re in a long-distance relationship or you can’t be with your other on Valentine’s Day. If this is your case, something you could do is send them a little surprise, a bouquet of flowers or a set of “Open When…” envelopes with letters in them, or a jar of little notes that countdown to the day that you see each other again. Or if it’s sending them a food delivery of their favourite food for dinner, or simply just a text, anything to show them that you were thinking of them, or that they’re always on your mind.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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