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Superbowl 2022: The Game or the Halftime Show?

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The Superbowl is one of the few sporting events that everyone looks forward to watching every year. For some, they love the sport, and for others, they love the music and entertainment presented at the halftime show. This article will provide a brief summary and review of this year’s Superbowl. Regardless of if you watched it last Sunday, will you be able to decide - the game or the halftime show?

Let’s start with the game! This year, the Los Angeles Rams took on the Cincinnati Bengals in an unbelievable game that went down to the wire. I was watching the game with friends and we (even those who just came for the halftime show) were on the edge of our seats during the entire game. There were many amazing plays, controversial flags, and unfortunate misplays that made this year’s game extremely exhilarating, and at times, difficult to watch. Now I won’t tell you who won for some suspense, but overall, it was an enjoyable and exciting game!

Now for the halftime show! Compared to the past few years, this halftime show had a much different theme and artist lineup. Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent were the lineup for this year. The show was definitely exciting with classic hits like Lose Yourself and California Love performed; my friends and I couldn’t help but sing every song during the show! However, many found the show too busy, as it was very difficult to focus on the artists with their limited time in the performance. Nevertheless, the music, artists, and general entertainment of the Superbowl halftime show did not fail to excite!

Regardless of whether you are a football-lover or just drop by for the halftime show, the Superbowl is always an exciting time of year where people get together, eat great food, and enjoy the entertainment! I conducted a mini survey with my friends to see whether they enjoyed watching the football game or the halftime show. Four of them said that they preferred the game and the other three said that they preferred the halftime show. If you haven’t already seen this year’s game and halftime show, go watch the highlights and decide for yourself - Superbowl 2022: the game or the halftime show?

Hi! I am a current first year at McGill University studying political science. I am originally from Toronto and enjoy playing sports, listening to music, travelling, and photography!
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