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Spotted: Ben Stiller Filming on McGill Campus

Spotted: Ben Stiller filming mystery movie on McGill Campus. (Yes, this is totally reminiscent of Gossip Girl).

GIF Credit: Hannah Chubb

I know you recognize that path to McLennan, and are lowkey wishing you’d actually made the trek. Ben Stiller was spotted near Redpath Museum, McLennan and Lower Campus on Sunday, October 24, 2016, filiming Brad’s Status. Regardless of whether you did or didn’t see Ben Stiller, stick around for more details about the movie.

Photo Credit: Laura Gutsin

The Zoolander star is currently in Montreal filming Brad’s Status, a comedy about a father going on a college tour with his son. He reconnects with his old college buddies and starts to question whether he has actually been successful when he compares his life to those of his friends. Though there are very few other details about the film, as it is currently in production, we do know that it is being produced by Plan B, a production company owned by Brad Pitt, and is written and directed by Mike White. Stiller was also seen early last week in Verdun.

Earlier this month, Stiller bravely revealed his battle with prostate cancer in an article he penned for Medium. He has since been advocating for the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), which he says “saved” his life.


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