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A Sixties Throwback on the Rocks… with a Twist

This autumn season, it seems that many McGill collegiettes are fervently awaiting the start of the new Mad Men season through a wardrobe that harkens back to diners, drive-in theatres, and pastel colored toasters. The two lovely women I have drawn pull off the simple and flattering lines of the early sixties, with modern and kooky elements that revive this classic style.

The sparkly collar illuminates the baby doll box coat, while its coordinating warm neutral tones – of maroon, mustard yellow, and peach – coordinate in a vivid pattern that is carried throughout the piece. This lovely young lady’s long and luscious hair adds a little hippy flair to this otherwise conservative look.

The high-waisted, mid-calf length of the skirt is given a contemporary spin with the light and airy pattern of soaring birds. Adding a kick in her step with a pair of tan, gold-tipped, ankle strap mary janes, this McGill collegiette off-centers the core of her ensemble – her structured blazer – with a quirky femininity.

These two unique looks recall the effortless simplicity and elegance of a sixties-vintage wardrobe, offering women today a chic alternative to lazy sweatpants. Miss Hepburn and Miss Kelly, eat your hearts out!

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