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Shane West Went to Mandy Moore’s Walk of Fame Ceremony & I’m Crying

The other day, queen of absolutely everything Mandy Moore finally got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A well-deserved honour, to say the least. 

As if that on its own wasn’t perfect enough, guess who made an appearance to support her? That’s right, none other than Shane West AKA the Landon to her Jamie in what can only be described as the greatest movie of all time, A Walk to Remember. It was as perfect as you would expect, with Shane giving a moving speech, saying:

“Not only was this film a wonderful experience in every way, it gave me the chance to fall for this fantastic woman,” he continued. “Mandy, you are an absolute gem, your smile is absolutely ridiculous—seriously, it’s ridiculous, and it lights up the room when you walk in—your energy is irresistible, and your heart is second to none. I couldn’t be more proud of you, I couldn’t be more happy for you. Love ya.” He even gave her a picture of the two of them during the filming of the movie!

If you’re not already crying, Moore subsequently posted these pictures on Instagram with a caption saying “Stars have always sort of been our thing. Thankful to @theshanewest for his kind words on this very special day, one which I will never forget. It was a walk (of fame) to remember.?”. Landon literally got a star named after Jamie in the movie, so I mean yeah.

This reunion inspired me to re-watch the movie for probably the millionth time instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, and I have to say it still makes my heart swoon and my eyes sob uncontrollably. There’s so much to love about this movie, but I’ll just name a few things

 1. The Love Story

The love between Landon and Jamie is so pure and selfless, it’s enough to sustain me forever.

2. The Parents

The parents in this movie really try, and ultimately are there to support their children through life without standing in the way.

3. The Music

It is always perfectly timed and so good, that it elevates every scene to heighten the emotions you’re already feeling in a heart-wrenchingly beautiful way.

4. The Representation of Illness

The fact that illness, and the realities associated with it, aren’t ignored or conveniently brushed away. Jamie’s cancer takes center-stage, nobody runs from it because the fact of the matter is, in life, that’s what happens. 

5. Last but not least, the actors.

Everybody just feels so perfectly cast in this movie, and the whole thing comes together so beautifully. All the working pieces of this film come together so harmoniously that you barely notice the time go by, and feel like you’re right there in their universe.


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