The Season of Giving: 5 Cozy Gift Ideas to Get for Your Friends and Family

Buying gifts for the holidays can be hard. Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid falling back on the “safe” options such as scarves, calendars, and mugs. These are good gifts, but sometimes they lack the “personal” touch that makes a gift truly special. Often, the perfect gift doesn’t have to be overly extravagant; it just needs to have had a lot of thought behind it. In other words, make sure you consider what would make the other party genuinely happy, and the perfect gift has basically been made. If you’re at a loss at where to start, here are some DIY ideas to inspire your creative gift-giving expedition. 

Recipes in a jar 

This is a super cute and super cozy idea for the holiday season. Buy an adequately-sized mason jar and fill it with layers of dry ingredients for various recipes. Some popular recipes that can be outfitted in a jar include hot chocolatecookies, and brownies. You can get creative with which recipes you use too. Try homemade bubble tea, s’mores, pasta, or even sangria. Don’t forget to add a tag on the jar that tells your gift-receiver what is inside and directions on how to cook or bake it. 

Your favourite book

When you discover something amazing, it’s only natural to want to share that with someone close. This idea would work exceptionally well for those bookworm friends of yours, or any friend who happens to be looking for another good read. 

A personalized playlist

Sure, Spotify and Apple Music makes it super easy to find playlists tailored to specific genres or specific situations. However, a personalized playlist is special because the giver has gone and personally selected every song in that playlist with the receiver’s taste in music in mind. This gift would be great for your concert-buddy, a friend with whom you’ve spent hours discussing music with, someone you know who is really into trying out new music, or even your significant other. 

Home-baked goods

If you have a special recipe that you’ve been dying to try, or a secret recipe tucked up your sleeve, this is your chance to make it. My personal favourites include apple pie cinnamon rolls(with cream cheese icing!) and raspberry chocolate chip cookies. Looking for something more seasonal? Try out these classic gingerbread cookies(you can have fun decorating them with your friends too!) or these super adorable strawberry Santas. Package your homemade goods in a holiday-themed takeout box or in a fancy treat bag, add a bit of ribbon, and your homemade gift is ready to go!  

Origami flowers

Why get your friends flowers that wilt when you can make them flowers that will keep their colour forever? All you’ll need is some colourful origami paper, something for the stem (pipe cleaners or floral wire), and maybe some glue to put everything together. This site has instructions on how to fold a wide variety of flowers. You can make multiple kusudama flowers and make a kusudama ball out of them too (they make great hanging decorations)!

Finally, add a card or a small note to the gift as the finishing touch! In the end, any gift that you’ve evidently put a lot of thought into is a good gift, and I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate the effort and lengths that you went to in order to prepare it. Enjoy this holiday season!

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