Role Playing Girl: 5 Youtube Gaming Channels to Watch

I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I ever want to watch someone play a video game?” You’re right. I don’t know. I give up. End of article.

Okay, I’m joking, please come back. As an avid game-watching person, there are plenty of reasons why I legitimately prefer to watch gamers over a TV series or even playing the game myself. The completely honest reactions – funny or heart-wrenching – create an experience where you feel like you’re right in the game with someone else. Chatter during the lulls in the game keep it entertaining, and some of the ridiculous situations they find themselves in are hilarious. There’s a reason the most subscribed Youtube channel ever is a gaming one - PewDiePie, with over 42 million subscribers and counting. However, if you’ve tried getting into any of these gamers and just couldn’t understand the appeal (AKA you’re not a fan of the copious amounts of screaming that occur or the horror games), or you’re just looking for some other channels to watch, here are some of my favourites to get you started:



If you Google the word “cry”, this Youtuber is the first link to appear. I kid you not, he even beats out the definition for the word “cry” and the Wikipedia page for “crying.” There’s a reason he’s so popular – he’s well-known in the community for having a distinctly soothing and calming set of vocal chords. (Is it possible to have a crush on a voice? Because I kind of do.) He plays quite a few indie, horror, and adventure games, but unlike many others, he plays them calmly with an almost optimistic approach. He gets very attached to the characters, making you care for them too!

Recommended playlists: Firewatch, The Cat Lady, Catherine



Hell to the yes when it comes to girl power – PressHeartToContinue (or “Dodger” as she is known), is an amazing Youtuber who hosts a “Gaming Newz” show every Sunday on her channel and plays a variety of games, though the main ones are dating sims and interactive fiction (and they can get ridiculous). One of her main appeals comes from the uniquely goofy voices she assigns to every character she plays, making it incredibly entertaining to listen to.

Recommended playlists: Dandelion w/ Cry, Undertale Pacifist Run (or Genocide Run), Hatoful Boyfriend


Geek & Sundry - Tabletop


Geek & Sundry is full of geeky videos, but I would like to direct your attention to their Tabletop playlist, where Wil Wheaton (an actor you’ve probably seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation or The Big Bang Theory) hosts a show about board games. He invites a number of well-known guests – including a number from this list – for friendly, yet competitive matches. It’s an awesome way to discover a newfound love for board games and figure out which ones you would want to play the most.

Recommended videos: Tsuro of the Seas, Zombie Dice & Get Bit & Tsuro, Unspeakable Words


TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

If you’re looking for a more critical and analytical experience of games and news, TotalBiscuit is your go-to man. His outspoken and biting opinions in all his game reviews make him highly respected, and he’s always honest when it comes to his commentaries. He has the ability to completely rip a game to shreds or praise it to the heavens, but either way you’re guaranteed a genuine and straightforward opinion. I tend to watch his videos as a guide to what games I might enjoy purchasing and playing.

Recommended playlists: WTF Is...?, Secret Hitler Sundays, The Co-Optional Podcast (not gaming, but they talk about gaming news!)



This is the channel you want to be on if  you’re more interested in console-gaming, Nintendo, or thorough gameplays. Chuggaaconroy is all about fully completing games and providing helpful tips for other gamers, all the while making a number of terrible(?) puns along the way.

Recommended playlists: Paper Mario, Okami, Pokemon FireRed, Animal Crossing: New Leaf 


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