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Restaurant Roundup: Diablos BBQ Smokehouse Saloon

As an American living in Montreal, I do find myself craving BBQ style food despite the diverse and delicious restaurants the city offers. I was walking down Boulevard St. Laurent in September, when I passed by a patio where girls had large drinks with beer bottles and mixer bottles tipped in. In addition, I could see they had ordered chicken wings, burgers, and Mac n’ Cheese. I noted the name of the restaurant, Diablos, and made a mental note to return as soon as I could to 3619, Blvd St-Laurent, the address of Diablos.



Unfortunately, I missed out on patio season, but Diablos didn’t disappoint me. I went for lunch and I was the only one seated for a while (but that just meant I had fast service and the best seat in the house). My server was extremely friendly and advised me that their lunch deal was on the first page of the menu. I was tempted by the Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese, Pulled Pork Sandwich, and Chicken Wings, but I decided to go for the $15 Burger and Beer combo (so affordable!). 



While I waited for my burger, I sipped my beer and enjoyed the rock and blues music that was playing at a perfect volume. The burger and side salad that I ordered were both heavenly. The burger was cooked perfectly and was still juicy. It was smothered with cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and jalapeños on a perfectly golden brown bun. While I did have to remove the jalapeños, everything about the burger was savory and enjoyable. The side salad was a good balance to the burger with a light dressing and fresh corn, beans, and cucumbers. 



I think the mark of a good BBQ restaurant is having a killer base burger, and Diablos has certainly achieved this. I can only imagine how good the rest of their food is, and I’ll be back soon to enjoy the Mac n’ Cheese. Next time, I’ll be ordering a Hurricane, although the beer was great with the burger. 


I highly recommend taking friends to Diablos to enjoy a filling dinner with fun drinks, beers, or even $4 Jack Daniel shooters. Or, if you’re like me, go to Diablos to get your BBQ fix. Here’s their website to learn more/make reservations. 

Kelly is currently a Second Year with Advanced Standing at McGill University studying History, Business Management, and Psychology. She loves everything food related, and has her own food blog in the works. 
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