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Restaurant Roundup: Brit & Chips

Brit & Chips, a restaurant with three locations in Montreal, is a small establishment serving up Fish n’ Chips, beer, and other fried goodies. With late hours and delicious french fries, Brit & Chips is the perfect place to go for some late night comfort food or a more casual date. 

My friends and I trekked down to their Rue McGill College location to commemorate another friend’s last shift there as a fry cook (so our service was awesome!). We all enjoyed pints of Burgundy Lion Ale, the house beer on tap. The beer was slightly bitter, a perfect companion to the indulgent fried fish n’ chips. 

Brit & Chips doesn’t just offer up the classic cod or haddock options, but also salmon, sole, hake, and vegetarian options like haloumi. They also offer pies and pasties, salads, and fried snacks like popcorn chicken and fish cakes. 

I opted for the classic cod because the burgundy batter sounded more authentic than the maple syrup batter on the haddock. I also tasted the salmon battered with Guinness and was surprised by how delicious it was. However, the classic cod definitely won out for the best tasting fish. 

My order of fish n’ chips was one of the best I have ever had, and I’ve eaten plenty of fish n’ chips in both Ireland and Britain. The batter was the key component. The fried outside of the fish was perfectly crunchy but not hard to eat, and the inside fish was flaky and fresh. The generous serving of fries that accompanied the two large servings of fried fish made this plate hard to finish. Despite wanting to try the “Fried Whatever” dessert option, where they fry whatever dessert type option on hand, for example a mars bar, I was far too full.

Brit & Chips is a great place for getting good quality and tasty fried food that doesn’t leave you feeling sick and full of regret. Instead, Brit & Chips serves up indulgent comfort food and great beer options that make it a great place for late night food. 


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Kelly is currently a Second Year with Advanced Standing at McGill University studying History, Business Management, and Psychology. She loves everything food related, and has her own food blog in the works. 
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