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Reminiscing and Reuniting: Seeing Family After Months Apart

I think for collegiettes studying either abroad or at a university just a few hours away from home, reuniting with your family for the first time in a long while is incredibly emotional. Many of us, like myself in this particular situation abroad, have been experimenting with living alone in “the real world” for the first time. Not having our parents to talk to (or do our laundry for us) is scary at first, but eventually we create a life for ourselves at university. Assignments start coming up, friendships are formed, and our free time is spent doing extracurricular activities. We also learn how to use the laundry machines, and clean after ourselves.

Next week, my mother and grandmother are coming to visit me in the United Kingdom. I’ve been looking forward to seeing them for many months now. While I’m sad that I will not be seeing all my family again in London next week, I realize that their visit is definitely not as simple as driving two or three hours between Montreal to rural Ontario. I am especially grateful that we will be spending these upcoming days together. It’s been nearly three months since I’ve seen any member of my family in person. I speak to them often via Skype, but there’s something special about seeing them face to face. It’ll be wonderful to end this extraordinary spring break by reuniting with my family, especially after spending the previous three weeks travelling all around Europe.

I’m excited to sightsee with my mother and grandmother in London, and discover parts of the famous city that none of us have ever seen. However, I’m most excited to show them the world I have created for myself in Nottingham: I want them to meet the people who have become great friends to me. I also want them  to see the cafes where I spend my free time, the buildings where my classes are and, of course, the room which I live in. Studying abroad in Nottingham and travelling all over Europe these past few weeks has been a tremendous personal accomplishment for me. I want to show my family just how worthwhile this major leap I’ve made in going across the pond has been for me. I hope that our time in London is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and explore an incredible city. I also hope that in the two days we spend in Nottingham, they can see why I’m so happy and comfortable there.

After my reunion with my mother and grandmother, I begin my final month in Nottingham. I wish I could tell you that it will be all fun all the time, but there are also many lengthy papers and exams that need to be written in those last few weeks. I am so happy to have reunited with all my friends and my family right before I dive right into finals and into the sadness that comes with the end of the study abroad experience. These people I’ve been seeing over break are extremely encouraging and loving: with their support, I’ve been able to experience the three months abroad to the absolute fullest. Of course this last month will be emotional at many points, but I know for sure that it will be incredible, as this whole experience in the United Kingdom and beyond has been so far! 

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Born and raised in Montreal, Hailey is a second year McGill student, majoring in English-Cultural Studies and minoring in Communications. She can almost always be found at a coffee shop or library near campus with a coffee in her hand and a large set of books.  In addition to her love for writing, she absolutely adores celebrity gossip, Netflix, music, and all things concerning Oprah Winfrey. She is thrilled to be writing for HerCampus, and is excited for you to see her contributions! 
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