Recent Harassment Towards Women in Montreal

Two nights ago I stumbled upon a four-minute video in my Facebook feed. There was a university woman talking about a man that had approached her on campus, trying to follow her and get her to bring him somewhere. He seemed super insistent, but she eventually got away. It then happened again two days later with another guy. They both followed the same sort of “script” to try to bring her in. I have heard of these stories before so I was not surprised (unfortunately), but still upset over hearing the woman’s experiences. It was not until two minutes into the video did I realize that this student was from Montreal when she mentioned the city name and referred to the Eaton Centre near Concordia.

I felt so many emotions—scared, angry, and caught off guard. I have walked through that underground mall many times. I felt incredibly lucky that nothing had happened to me.

The video I’m talking about can be found here.

A few hours ago, I was told that someone in my building experienced something similar a few days ago. Her experience was right across the street at the grocery store. A man approached her and asked many questions, and when she gave cues she was uncomfortable and not interested, he became very verbally aggressive. That was even scarier to hear. I also read some of the comments on the instagram page of the woman who posted the video. One woman commented that she had been approached in the Eaton Center as well and the man actually tried to grab her hand to stop her from leaving. Another commenter had a guy pull up in his car by Cote Vertu, suggesting sexual activities and trying to convince her to enter the car.

Unfortunately, there are terrible people everywhere targeting women. I’m sure most people have heard of cases on the news or through social media, but this is happening here and now. There are not just stories; they are happening to real people in our community. Please be careful out there and always use your common sense. Be on alert if any stranger approaches you or attempts to follow you. These guys know how to appear friendly by complimenting you and trying to get you alone with them, but do not let them. Stay safe out there ladies!

Update: in response to the stories emerging, Concordia University has increased security on campus.

McGill students: If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at night, consider using Walksafe, Drivesafe, or calling campus security at 514-398-3000 (emergencies).


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