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Places to Go Skating Near McGill

Winter is no excuse to ignore your health, so make sure you get your much needed physical activity this semester with some ice skating. 


1. Atrium Le 1000


If you read the first sentence and thought to yourself: “no way, it’s freezing,” then you have no excuse anymore because here’s an indoor skating rink that is a 15 min walk from Roddick Gates. There are also plenty of restaurants around the rink if you get hungry and stores if you’d like to end with some shopping.


2. Old Port


Overlook the beautiful water and skate around neon lights (at night) at the outdoor rink in old port. Check their websites for special music events and specific nights that have firework shows. With skate rentals, snacks, and drinks, this makes for the perfect evening winter activity.

girl taking picture of a couple ice skating
loly galina

3. Beaver Lake


Or visit the skating rink by Beaver Lake. If it gets too cold, warm up with some hot chocolate or a snack at the Pavilion. It’s also a beautiful walk along Mont Royal to get there!


4. Parc La Fontaine


This one is a bit far from McGill, but accessible by bus and perfect for those living closer to the Plateau. There is also a restaurant nearby to warm up in with some hot chocolate after your free skate. There is no charge for time on the ice! Just pay for rentals or bring your own. 


5. Lower Field


Maybe you don’t have time to leave campus, or you’re just too lazy to. Well, you can skate right in the middle of campus on lower field. Just bring your own skates and show up anytime between 12 and 1:30pm or book it for another time in the McConnell Building in Room 7. 


Melody Zhou

McGill '22

Melody Zhou is a U2 student from Boston, Massachusetts. She is studying cognitive science at McGill University with a focus in computer science and neuroscience. She is passionate about medicine and hopes to attend medical school to eventually pursue a career in pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her dog.
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