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Piranha Bar Hosts Local Montreal Bands

All throughout the month of May, Piranha Bar, a bar and music venue located just ten minutes south of McGill campus near the McGill metro station, will be hosting a variety of musicians on its stage. Starting on May 1st, the venue has shows lined up for virtually every single night of the month, just in time to de-stress after another brutal McGill exam season. With an average of four bands performing each evening, the lineup already appears interesting and plentiful; live music aficionados can certainly get their fix next month without having to travel very far at all.
One notable evening is the night of May 15th, when bands ÉchoDirtCake, One Day Late and Identity Now  are scheduled to perform. Interestingly, bands Écho, DirtCake, and Identity Now are Montreal locals, while One Day Late calls Edmonton, Alberta its hometown.
Luka Ciklovan, Echo's guitarist, says he is looking forward to the opportunity to play at Piranha Bar. "I'm really excited. I've listened to all of the other bands and they sound great. Last time I went to Piranha Bar was my first experience with the Montreal metal scene, and it made me realize that there's a great metal scene here. I find Montreal to be primarily indie- or heavy-metal-focused, but between the two extremes, there's a small arena for rock, which sits between the softer and the harder genres."
A city as vibrant, dynamic, and metropolitan as Montreal attracts hundreds of musicians each year, whether in the form of established music festivals or expensive concerts. Despite Hollywood-famous celebrities passing through Montreal each year, musicians who are lesser-known and rising still find plenty of opportunity to express themselves, which is why venues like Piranha Bar attract such talented groups and why -- to put it plainly -- Piranha Bar's May lineup is sure not to disappoint.
If you're looking to get out of the McGill bubble this May (without having to go too far), then Piranha Bar is a great alternative to the usual club scene. To find out more, visit the Piranha Bar Facebook page or the website for show dates, opening times, and location information.
Images taken from the Piranha Bar Facebook page
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