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Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means… it’s time to prepare for the music festivals. Whether you’re going to Osheaga, Coachella, Sasquatch (the list goes on), you have to make sure you look the part. What is that look you ask? It’s the chill, carefree vibe that you want to be giving off to fellow festival goers. Continue reading to find out how to achieve this look with ease.

Beads: Too many accessories are essential. You don’t want anything fancy because remember you’re at a festival. Beaded bracelets on the arm or around the neck look awesome. You could even throw an anklet into the mix.

Flower Headdresses: They don’t necessarily need to be flowery, but headbands or headdresses are essential to the laid-back look. They add a cute and hip look to you locks.

Face Paint: It sounds bizarre, but it adds a unique and bohemian look if you have cool patterns on your face.

High-Waisted Denim Shorts: This is a staple item in the festival outfit wardrobe. High-waisted shorts look awesome with crop tops, bikini tops and, well, basically any top. These will definitely make a positive impact on your look.

Long, Flowy Dresses/Skirts: You need a loose, long item for those hot summer days, especially if you’re outside all day at a music festival. Again, this simple item is easy to wear with any type of footwear, and will look extra cute with that headdress mentioned earlier. 

Crop Tops: You can never have too many crop tops and, in this setting, they are a must. They go with everything, they’re fun and lightweight. If you want the staple festival look, you may want to opt for a crop top with tasseled ends.

Loose, Flowy Tanks: With bandos or bikinis underneath; again, you can’t go wrong. 

Big T-Shirts with Prints or Images: At some point, your shoulders may need some protection, so pack those oversized T-shirts. Ones with pictures or cool prints look especially awesome. In fact, any item of clothing that has bright patterns on it looks great in this setting.

Neon Snapbacks: This is another cool accessory that shows you’re fun and ready to have a good time. It looks perfect with that face paint, those high-waisted shorts and your tasseled crop top. Be sure to wear it backwards.

A Floppy Hat:
You will need some protection from the sun and that snapback won’t be protecting your face and eyes when it’s worn backwards. Trust me, you’ll be desperate for some shade and big hats look great with any outfit.

A Pair of Oversized Shades: They look cool and are fun, but also prevent you from squinting throughout the entire day. You may actually want to watch the performers at some point.

A Pair of Converse or Keds: You will need some foot protection if you’re going to be dancing in big crowds. Also, these events can get a little mucky at times so you need a pair of cool but casual shoes that will see you through the festival season (make sure you’re not too attached to them). 

Anything Denim: Just in case it cools off at night, you could bring a denim jacket or a denim vest. They look stylish over your day outfit and will add an extra layer of warmth.

A Retro-Looking Rain Jacket (just in case): There is always the off chance that it could rain, so you may as well be prepared. Retro-styled jackets are always fun and add to that carefree festival look (you may as well just go all out).

A Bag with Fringe: Don’t forget something to carry everything else in. Including wardrobe changes, certain beverages, your shades and hats. Fringe bags are extremely stylish and look good with any summer outfit. 

Have fun at the festivals this summer. You’ll definitely look the part!

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