Movie Recommendations for a Procrastinator's Every Whim

We all know that there’s more to finals season than just the looming amount of study hours - there’s also the (unhealthy) percentage of those hours that will be spent procrastinating one way or another. So for those inevitable moments of desperate downtime, when you’re itching to watch a movie but find the suggestions on Netflix to be woefully lacking, a list of recommendations based on exactly what you’re in the mood for may be good to have at hand. Of course, a person’s taste in movies is entirely subjective, so feel free to take any of my suggestions with a grain of salt. In any case, I’ve compiled a list of my recent (and not so recent) faves in the hopes that at least one of them will suit the mood you're in.


So if you're looking for…

Quirky Rom-Com That Doesn’t Tire Out The Genre? Watch Austenland.

Even for those who don't usually buy into the gooey charm of romantic comedies - myself included - exceptions can be made. Watch this one if you're in the mood for genuine laughs, a few sexy British accents, some ridiculous yet strangely delightful costumes, and a heroine that won't make you roll your eyes with every choice she makes.

Growing Pains and Summer Nostalgia? Watch The Way Way Back.

Coming-of-age stories may start to lose their resonance once you've shed your own teenage years, but sometimes, a nostalgic glimpse of those days may be exactly what you need to remember they existed at all. Watch this one for kooky characters, awkward teenage boy problems, and a sunshine-filled reminder that winter does not, in fact, last the entire year.

Eccentric British Humor? Watch Attack The Block.

When it comes to comedy, Brits don't play by the rules - so don't expect conventionality. Watch this one for impossibly-thick South London accents, plucky street youths, and Earth-invading aliens with a truly slick design.

Sweet Romantic Drama (That Also Slips In Some Heartwarming Family Time)? Watch Stuck In Love.

The premise may not hold much weight in terms of pure originality, but there's a lot more to this movie than meets the eye, based on the trailer. What awaits you at the end is a satisfying story for both cynics and romantics in equal measure. Watch this one for the slew of strong performances, quotable voiceovers, and a few moments to "aw" over.

Eye Candy (With a Hefty Side of Privilege and Depravity)? Watch The Riot Club.

Face it, we all have moments of superficial weakness. And what this movie boils down to is a lot of pretty boys doing un-pretty things. Watch this one for Britain's finest jawlines, more sexy accents, and the knowledge that you'll end up hating all these spoiled rich boys by the end.

Ultra-Violent Arthouse Action Flick? Watch Drive.

There's something very cool about a movie that looks gorgeous, but still knows how to pack a powerful punch. Watch this one for the neon aesthetic, excellent soundtrack, and... only if you've got a strong stomach for violence.

More Gosling? Watch Place Beyond the Pines

Pretty self-explanatory. But this selection also comes with the added benefit of a decades-spanning saga, and an exploration of some powerful themes along the way. Watch this one for the winding plot, Gosling riding a motorcyle, Gosling's stick-and-poke tattoos, and Gosling just looking fine as hell for all of his screen time.

A Human Touch to Sci-Fi? Watch Another Earth.

Sci-fi can be a hit or miss genre due to the wide berth of possibilities, but if you're looking for something that's a little more human than not, you'll find it in this movie. Watch this one for intriguing hypothetical questions, emotions aplenty, and the ambiguous conclusion that's bound to leave you asking questions.

Daily Dose of Night Terrors? Watch The Babadook.

Horror movies are designed to scare, but there's still a variety of flavors to choose from - this is a movie for those who'd rather skip the gore and go for something a little more subtle, but equally as terrifying. Watch this one for psychological thrills, gauranteed nightmare fuel, and the possible resolution of never, ever having kids. Just in case they attract a Babadook.

Something To Put the Kleenex To Good Use? Watch The Good Lie.

Sometimes your tear ducts need exercise, too. But instead of wasting them on a pointless cry0fest, you can indulge in a movie that gives yout just as much to smile about as it does to cry for. Watch this one for heart-breaking war refugees, comic relief when you need it, and a little bit of faith in humanity restored. 

Gem In the Rough? Watch Starred Up.

If you know the name Jack O'Connell, it's probably because of his recent WW2 blockbuster with Angelina Jolie. But there's another movie on his roster that hides a gem of a heart behind its rough, prison drama exterior. Watch this one for the stellar acting, unshakeable intensity right out of the gate, and the 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.