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Montreal Cafés Perfect for Every Occasion

Montreal is filled with charming cafés, and I have tried many. Here are some of my personal favorite gems I find perfect for studying/first dates/chilling and reading! 

My favorite cafés for… 


1. Nocturne 

19 Prince Arthur St W 

Escape from the library and mix things up at Café Nocturne. It’s a quiet spot located conveniently in the Milton-Parc area. Treat yourself after with some window-shopping down St. Laurent.

2. Aunja 

1448 Sherbrooke Street W 

I recently discovered this place, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t know about it sooner. They have plenty of table seating as well as cozy couches, with plants lining the wall. They have a wide selection of Persian teas, coffee, and sweets. 


A First Date

3. Bar Darling 

4328 Saint Laurent Blvd

I am obsessed. All of their drinks are amazing, from caffeinated to alcoholic beverages. Plus the eclectic atmosphere. Cafe by day, vibrant bar by night, this is potentially one of the coolest spots in Montreal at the moment, therefore a perfect place to bring your date. 



4. Humble Lion 

904 Sherbrooke St W 

If you can grab one of the highly coveted window seats, this spot is perfect for people watching on Sherbrooke. 

5. Saint Henri 

260 Place du Marché-du-Nord

Located right on the perimeter of Jean Talon Market, take time out of your next shopping trip to pop into the sweet brick building to support this micro torréfacteur. 


The Aesthetics

5. Crew

360 St Jacques St

Old bank building converted Cafe nestled in Old Montreal, you can’t miss it. Definitely worth at least one visit. 

6. Tommy 

200 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Barely a block away from Basilica Notre Dame, Tommy is bright and beautiful, situated in the monumental British Empire Building. 


The Best Brew

7. Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 Parc Ave 

This small espresso bar has amazing coffee. Try their signature pikolo latte — a sort of mini latte with a strong taste of crisp espresso. 

8. Dispatch 

4021 Saint Laurent Blvd

The filter coffee at Dispatch is by far my favorite, and always perks me up when I need it. 


Images obtained from:

Emily Van De Loo


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