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Megan Munroe: FBU Director of Communications & Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

Her Campus McGill is pleased to present you with this week’s über fabulous profile, Megan Munroe! Although her roots lie in both San Francisco and Vancouver, she has found her temporary home at McGill as a U1 Management student majoring in Marketing. Along with her studies, Megan is the Director of Communications for the MUS club Fashion Business Uncovered. She also runs a seriously incredible and successful blog (that I frequent when I should be studying, but her major style gives me life), theClosetCraze.

Gabrielle Lee Gabauer for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): For readers who don’t know, what exactly is FBU?

Megan Munroe (MM): FBU, or Fashion Business Uncovered, is a one-day long conference that aims to reveal the inner workings of the fashion industry, going beyond the glamorous models and fashion designers. Some stellar speakers we’ve featured in the past include Philippe Blondiaux, the CFO of Chanel, and Anna Martini, the President of Group Dynamite.

HC McGill: How did you get involved and what is your position?

MM: After attending the conference last year, I knew I wanted to be involved. When the MUS Involvement Package came out at the end of the semester, there were a couple of positions open and I applied! Currently, I am the Director of Communications, meaning that I run all of our social media platforms with the aim of getting the word out there.

HC McGill: Can you spill any insider details about this year’s event? (Also, when is it!) 

MM: This year’s conference is set for February 12, and tickets go on sale on January 18! This year is really exciting because it’s our first year with a theme. We’ll be focusing on international fashion firms, hoping to shed some light on today’s increasingly globalized business environment. As for sneak peeks, I can’t name names but we are working with several companies including Mackage, Aldo, Dynamite… I’m confident that attendees will be impressed!

HC McGill: Fashion is obviously a huge passion of yours, and you also have a super successful fashion blog, ‘theClosetCraze’. When did you start that up?

MM: I started theClosetCraze back in April of 2013, but back then it was just a Tumblr account and I wasn’t super serious about it. During the summer of 2014, I started putting more effort into my posts and began to see some growth!

HC McGill: Where do you find the inspiration for your posts/outfits?

MM: While fashionable people are critical sources of inspiration, I actually take equally as much inspiration from all kinds of films. My favorite movie, Almost Famous, definitely fueled my obsession with 70’s style – which was only made easier by the fact that the 70’s are a huge trend right now anyways. Other amazing films for style inspiration include Thelma and Louise, Love Story, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m always trying to tell some sort of story with the photos I post, so films tend to inspire most of my photo shoots. 

HC McGill: Who are some of your other favourite fashion bloggers/fashion icons/designers, etc.? 

MM: As for real, modern inspiration, I definitely have a couple of favorites. Louise Pando of MissPandora wears everything so well and I feel like we definitely have similar style vibes, I look at her blog a lot. Other sources of inspiration include blogger Christie Tyler, model Martha Hunt, and former Editor-in-Chief of Lucky, Eva Chen! 

HC McGill: Would you say your style has changed at all since you started living in Montréal?

MM: It definitely has. I think the majority of people would say that they never really dressed up in high school, and I’m no exception. While I’ve always loved experimenting with fashion, I feel more free to wear whatever I want now. Montreal is partly responsible, but I also think that it’s just me growing up. Since moving here, my style has been really influenced by the French aspect of Montreal, but I’ve also realized some personal stylistic preferences in the past year, most notably my constant reference to the 60’s and 70’s.

HC McGill: Anything else you want to add? If there’s something that I didn’t ask, but you want to say throw it here! 

MM: Like Fashion Business Uncovered on Facebook! We’re almost at 1000 likes and it would be awesome if we could reach that goal before the conference!


Images were provided by the interviewee.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gabrielle is a fourth year student at McGill University. She watches a lot (some might say too much TV) and has gotten into screaming matches over movies. In her spare time, she enjoys being utterly self-deprecating. For clever tweets, typically composed by her favorite television writers, follow her twitter. For overly-posed (but pretending not to be) photographs follow her Instagram.
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