Meet the Co-Presidents of Think Pink McGill


This week's Campus Celebrities are Katherine and Cordelia, the Co-Presidents of Think Pink McGill and two women who are truly passionate about a very relevant issue. Think Pink is a club that aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and these two ladies are working towards doing just that. Learn more about breast cancer, breast cancer awareness and learn how you can get more involved, apart from just donating, by reading more about Think Pink.

Midanna de Almada for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): Hey Katherine and Cordelia! Can you guys tell us a little bit about what Think Pink is and what you guys do?

Katherine and Cordelia (K&C): Our main goal is to promote breast cancer awareness and to create events that help to facilitate this. We are passionate about women who are going through breast cancer and we want to support them - not just raise money for research. Not only do we raise funds, we also promote awareness by giving out flyers and breast cancer related events where people can get directly involved with breast cancer issues. We do this so people can feel like they are getting involved and not just give funds. Of course all the funds we collect go to The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF).

HC McGill: How and why was this club started at McGill?

K&C: Think Pink has been going on for approximately 10 years, and we have had full club status for several years. The people who started it wanted to raise awareness about breast cancer and help the cause. We recently donated $2500 to the QBCF. For a long time, people have been working toward raising funds for breast cancer. In addition to that, this year we have been pushing the portfolio of the club much further. Before it was fundraising but now we are including more events and more hands-on activities that all members can participate in.

HC McGill: What are your roles in the McGill Chapter?

Katherine (K): I manage the executive team as well as doing all the event planning for the entire portfolio and also manage the different roles that people have within the club.

Cordelia (C): I am in charge of the budget, finance and am mostly involved with the monetary part of the club.

HC McGill: Cool! Is there a particular reason you guys decided to get involved in issues regarding breast cancer?

K: I really like and am passionate about philanthropy. It is something I have been doing for a while and found the opportunity at Think Pink when I was on the executive team.

C: I joined last year because growing up I always bought all the ‘pink ribbon’ breast cancer products, not really understanding what they symbolized and what the women were going through. By being in this club I have become more aware of the issues surrounding breast cancer and it always makes me feel good knowing what I am doing.

HC McGill: How can other people get involved with and further help Think Pink?

K&C: Anybody can participate in our events. They can also like us on Facebook to follow our events lobby. People can also get involved in the members-at-large community that we have which helps run the samosa sales and help to plan and attend our events! We really encourage people to join because we want to expand it as much as we can.

HC McGill: Are there any events or fundraisers we can look out for?

K&C: Every Thursday we have samosa sales which you can check out on Facebook for the locations and times. We plan one breast-cancer related event every month and one large fundraiser every month. We are having a potluck on November 27 in SSMU building where people can pay $15 for all you can eat! We have many different sponsors at the potluck; they are different restaurants from around Montreal. We encourage people to come out, eat as much as they want and support a great cause all at the same time. Look out for information on the Facebook group!

HC McGill: Sounds yummy! Obviously Breast Cancer is a real issue and women need to be super proactive about it. Any advice you can give in regards to breast cancer and breast cancer awareness?

K: I think one of the biggest things, and something a lot of people do not know, is that not just women are at risk for breast cancer as men can get it as well. Besides that, there are general guidelines like having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. If you think you are at risk, get checked. We have a lot of pamphlets and information not just regarding health but also other factors such as pollutants or your makeup - things you come in contact with that may seem regular or harmless but can increase your changes of getting breast cancer. People can pick up this information and get more involved about the issues at our office or when we table!

C: I think a lot of people do not know what it is like to go through something like this. When you put yourself in the shoes of a patient or survivor, it makes you really passionate about the cause. However, it is really hard to imagine, and this is partly why I joined Think Pink.

HC McGill: Is there anything else you want to add?

K&C: Anyone can join our members-at-large team at any time, it is a great opportunity and experience. Feel free to message us if you have any questions and you can sign up for our weekly Listerv on the Google Doc!

For more information check out their Facebook page.


Images provided by interviewees.