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McGill Campus Cutie: Vidy Hiremath

He’s every woman’s Superman

Her Campus McGill selected the one and only Vidy Hiremath as this week’s Campus Cutie. Ladies, start your engines.

He’s from Dubai, he has an eyebrow piercing, and he makes amazing stir-fry. Intrigued? You should be.

In the rare and occasional instances when he is not surrounded by a pack of females (obviously), you can catch him turning his swag on around campus, putting his biology skills to use in the lab, or pulling all-nighters in the Cybertech, fueling his brain with nothing but Sinfully Asian sushi and Skrillex music.

Nicknames: VD, Vid, Vidiot, DJ Darkness, Faggermath
Major/Minor: Computer Science and Biology
Ideal job after college: Event management / Client networking
Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Typical dish you whip up for dinner: Egg fried rice and veggies, wadup
You have ten seconds to impress the girl of your dreams—what do you do: “Git out the way…pretty boy comin’ thru, me and my crew we be swaggin’ in the room” – Soulja
Guilty pleasure: Boris Cool at OAP
Favorite thing about McGill: The vast number of open-minded individuals
Least favorite thing about McGill: Burnside basement
Surprising fact about you: I am almost legally blind but I have sex-ray vision sometimes
You are stranded on an island and can only bring five things with you. What do you bring with you? Desalinator, food, alcohol, music, friend (with benefits)—perfect holidayyyyy
The thing you buy most often at the dollar store: Party chains
Favorite clothing article and why: I like cool shoes. Fresh kicks be gettin’ you places
A fashion trend you like and one you think looks horrendous on anyone: Leather bombers are always sick. Loose jeans and running shoes—don’t do it

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