McGill Campus Cutie: Katrina Deane-Riggio

Name: Katrina Deane-Riggio

Year: First -- semester I

Major / Minor: Diploma in Public Relations and Communications Management, School of Continuing Studies

Favourite class at McGill: CPRL 510 -- Fundamentals of PR, taught by Professor Charles Pitts

Favourite three places in Montreal: Parc du Mont Royal, Green Panther restaurant (in both locations), and the Old Port 

Advice for incoming students: Connect with as many of your fellow peers as possible, do your readings, participate in class discussions, and lastly, go on an international student exchange! (I spent the final semester of my BA studying at the National University of Singapore and had an amazing experience! I highly recommend it!)



Words you live by -- or -- your favourite quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -- Oscar Wilde

Three words your friends would use to describe you: Charismatic, adventurous, and driven

Favourite book or movie and why: A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry -- it's a beautifully written tear-jerker!

Secret love for (does not have to be a person): CHEETOS® Crunchy Cheese flavored snacks AND the pikilia platter from Terrasse Lafayette in the Plateau

Top three things on your bucket list: African Safari adventure, live in Italy for a year to practice Italian (while consuming copious amounts of delicious food), and fly in a hot air balloon (over New Zealand!)

Tell me about the company that you are starting this February: I recently launched a new business venture with my cousins and my sister, called Sociale. The Sociale concept offers unique workshops that are tailored to women in Montreal -- and it revolves around networking, socializing, and learning. In working with local teaching experts and a variety of businesses, the overall mission of the company is to offer dynamic events and workshops that cater to a variety of budgets and curiosities. Our themes focus on elements of fashion, gastronomy, lifestyle, business, health, and beauty. Some of our upcoming events include: a self-defense workshop, dining etiquette, a Greek speciality cooking class, spa nights, Oyster 101, Bollywood dance classes, a crash course in macron making, and vegan cooking classes! Check out for more information -- and sign-up for a workshop today! You can also follow us on Twitter @socialemontreal or like our Facebook page.

What made you decide to start this company? I love Montreal and I am constantly on the lookout for new and fun activities to do in this city! I also strongly believe that networking is key to success -- and I felt that there was a lack of organized community groups that are geared towards empowering Montreal-women. I really enjoy meeting new people and connecting with others, so I helped to create Sociale for any woman who is ready to expand her horizons and social circles!