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McGill Campus Cutie: Karolina Cieniuch

Major: Psychology
Nationality: Polish 
Relationship Status: Single
Activities/Interests: Singing and dancing, reading, learning languages, travelling 
Favorite TV show: Desperate Housewives
Favorite travel destination: Egypt
Favorite restaurant: Il Focolaio
Favorite place to shop: Forever XXI
Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp
Where do you see yourself ten years from now: Working as a psychologist
Biggest pet peeve: Telling a story with a lot of details
Favorite dish: Vine leaves
Favorite movie: The Notebook
Who is your biggest role model? My parents
Most embarrassing moment: Stepping on my floor-length dress on my way up on a stage in front of 350 people at Miss Polonia 2012
What is your biggest fear? Death
Biggest aspiration: To help people through my work and to travel the world
Words of wisdom: Live each day like it’s your last because life is too short to have regrets

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