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McGill Campus Cutie: Chloe Bernert

Year: U3

Birthday: April 16th, 1992

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Hometown: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Major(s): Russian and History… with a minor in International Relations

Hobbies: I volunteer at Midnight Kitchen and crash my bike a lot… I guess those count as hobbies. I like cooking, getting into bike accidents, and spending time at Royal Victoria hospital. I’ve been to the emergency room four times this summer, three of which were bike accidents, one of which was because I cut my finger with a kitchen knife on Friday. You can describe me as delightfully accident-prone.

Favourite movies: I’m a fan of Midnight in Paris. I really like bad kung-fu movies, too, like Drunken Master 2 with Jackie Chan. Also, Ong-Bok because I like Muay Thai fighting. And Eastern Promises is one of my favourite movies of all time.

Favoruite TV shows: Does Nova count? Otherwise, Breaking Bad… it’s about people falling apart.

Favourite food: Coconut sticky rice and mangoes. Fresh potato and onion pirozhki with lots of dill.

Favourite places in the world: Oh that’s difficult. I’d have to say, Doi Suthep – a temple on top of a mountain near Chiang Mai Thailand – because that is where my mom’s Thai exchange family is from. Or, under the cherry tree in my backyard reading a book.

Dream job: My dream job is running my own NGO where what I do is reform policy regarding immigration, to help women who were forced into the sex trade. I’d like to give them outlets so they can become real citizens even without papers (because what they do is take away your papers). Also doing preemptive education and women’s advocacy… to try and stop it before it starts…The largest problem, however, is that you can’t really stop the sex slave trade because the women disappear from the system. There is no record anywhere. That’s my dream job. That’s not a very fun answer though… I would also like to live on a commune keeping bees and making homemade Kombucha. One or the other.

Celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender is my favourite actor. He’s fit. Michael Fassbender or Brody Dalle…except she got married and pregnant. So, Brody Dalle when she was in The Distillers. I wanted to be her / do her in high school.

Two words to describe yourself: independent and slightly strange.

What do you look for in a guy: Someone who I can openly communicate with, who shares my same values, and who will treat me as a human being and not as a sex object. Also, someone who’s a good kisser and interesting to talk to. That’s important because there’s got to be chemistry; otherwise, they’re just your friend.

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