A Male Perspective on Valentine's Day

As a girl, Valentine’s Day means three things for me: a time to look forward to the people I will meet, a time to appreciate the people I know and, most importantly, lots of chocolate. As someone who appreciates this so-called arbitrary day, I wondered what it was like for the opposite gender; haven’t we all? So what better way to find out than to ask a man, who in addition to being a close friend, happens to be an ex-boyfriend of mine. Read on as he shares his opinion on the whole shebang.

E: "As a guy I always felt as if Valentine's Day was another obligation; another unchecked box on the to-do list, but also a chance for me to be romantic and do something unexpected. It was a kick in the butt, letting me know it was time to do something nice for the girl in my life. The realization of its imminent arrival was akin to an emotional rollercoaster; the excitement of spending the day with her only offset by the frantic scrambling for ideas and presents. To me there were two sides to the occasion:

 1) The Material - I had to buy or make something... A flower (preferably a red rose) and maybe some chocolates, a card... You know, the mental checklist every guy goes through to get his "I Wasn't a Jerk On Valentine's Day" award.

 2) The Company - This was the part I actually looked forward to, being with the person I adored and showing her how much I actually cared. I am occasionally penniless due to my non-existent income (cheers, college), but I still tried to take her somewhere new, to do something we didn't have the chance to do every day.

To me Valentine's Day is more about making your significant other smile. To this day I can’t tell you exactly what presents I’ve bought or what I wrote in the cards, but I do remember how we laughed and talked about anything and everything. I remember her beaming face when I gave her roses and chocolates and finally I remember the soft kiss that ends the day with a bang. So to summarize that disgustingly cheesy block of text, I actually like Valentine's Day. Before I wrote this I wasn't sure if I did, but looking past the corporately-endorsed aspects of the holiday, it's basically a reminder to let the person you love know that you love him or her. I guess it boils down to how you look at it - you could either see it as an obligation or you could take it as an opportunity to be a hopeless romantic. Love is what you make of it - it could be February 14th or September 31st; just let her know that she's special."

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