Let Food Do the Talking: Why Montreal is the Best City for Foodies

Currently, all you may see is a dreadful winter with snowstorms on snowstorms, and you may be terribly worried about the potential -20 (Celsius) weather round the corner. Just stop right there, and let me show you why Montreal is (officially recognized to be) the best city for students.

It’s the food. In Montreal, all your cravings will be fulfilled no matter what they are.

You could meet up with friends for brunch at Café Parvis (433 Rue Mayor), it’s an adorable little café that’s kind of tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It’s also usually pretty quiet - overall just some chill vibes.

Otherwise, hit up Foiegwa (3001 Rue Notre-Dame O) for a bigger brunch, it’s just a little further away in Saint-Henri but also next level fancy. Did you know that you could add foie gras to anything that you order for just $9.95?

If that’s still not your cup of tea and you still need a place to go, Les Enfants Terribles, with multiple locations, has an amazing brunch menu. From Fairmount bagels, grilled avocados with smoked salmon to different omelettes and eggs benedicts - of which are guaranteed to get you an amazing video of the dripping yolk for your Instagram - or just to brag to your friends that missed out on that amazing brunch date.

Instagram, like all the other social media, is quite the influencer in most of our everyday lives, and here are few places you can to spice up your Instagram feed, with the most Instagrammable food.

A brunch feast from Fabergé (Le Plateau) is definitely aesthetic with their insane PB & J French toast, Mac and Cheese benedict and so much more. When everyone’s food gets here, don’t be afraid to be that person to forbid them from eating before you find the best lighting and angle.

After that, grab yourself a bubble waffle ice cream cone with sprinkles and drizzled chocolate syrup from Zoe Dessert (Downtown Montreal). They have a variety of Asian desserts, including light-bulb bubble tea, layered matcha cake and many other options!

Or if you’ve had too much Tim’s but still aren't tired of doughnuts, pick a day and take a trip to Little Italy where you’ll find Trou de Beigne. The doughnuts are probably the prettiest you’ve ever seen but don’t underestimate them, they’re probably going to be the best doughnuts you’ve ever tasted as well! Picking from a big and small size and flavours like matcha, cookie dough and blueberry, you won’t ever feel like enough is enough.

On top of all of that, why would you be in Montreal if you’ve never tried their Sugar Shacks (cabanes à sucre), the way this was first described to me was: imagine a full breakfast plate, with pancakes, sausages, bacon, everything. And then imagine that drowned in maple syrup, in every way possible. I’m sure this is absolutely ideal for people looking for a maple syrup high but even if it doesn’t seem too appealing to you, give it a shot and see where it takes you! There are also maple syrup lollipops, with the below freezing temperature everywhere, Montrealers use that to have a good time; they pour some maple syrup on ice or snow then stick a stick in it and roll it up as the syrup slowly freezes. And there you have it, a maple syrup lollipop/popsicle. This is another thing, apart from poutine and smoked meat, that Montreal had won over many hearts with.

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