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The Lebanese Revolution: The Basics You Need To Know

The Lebanese revolution, which fired up earlier last week, is a call to remove all those in the government from their positions.


Why Is This Happening? 


For years, Lebanon has been subject to mass unemployment and an extreme economic crisis. The government in power, for years, have neglected to find a solution to the continuously worsening economic conditions. Their continuous raising of taxes led to the people being fed up with the government.


The turning point was the climate change induced fire that took place in Mount Lebanon, where houses were destroyed and people were killed. There was no fast action by the government to help the fire, and when they wanted to take action, they did not have the proper equipment to take the fire out. 

What’s Going to Happen Next?


In the hopes of all the people, Lebanon will turn into a secular state, with the current government no longer in power. Lebanon has been divided by religion since the National Pact, where a power sharing system among the different religious communities was implemented in the government.

Protests for this cause are happening worldwide, including Montreal, Australia, England, and other countries in Europe. 


Pia is a first-year student at McGill studying International Development and Economics, and minoring in Arabic. She was born in London, England and grew up in Dubai and Beirut. She loves travelling, and her ideal destination is anywhere with a beach.
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