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The Last Article: Recap of My Time with Her Campus

Alas, the day has come to write my final article for Her Campus McGill. Even as I write it down, it is hard to believe that I wrote my first article four years ago.

During my final week of classes, I have started to reflect on my time at McGill and writing for Her Campus and I can’t be more grateful for the experiences I have gained. Her Campus has not only provided me with a platform to explore and discuss topics I’m interested in, but has also introduced me to some truly inspirational people. I have had the opportunity to meet and interview so many of my peers, students involved in worthwhile initiatives, as well as many wonderful and talented people in the community. Talking to such a diverse array of people has also provided me with a level of confidence and enjoyment in conversing with individuals from all walks of life.  

This year, I was given the chance to work as VP Sponsorship, organizing sponsorship for our Women in Media speaker series. This also gave me the opportunity to interact with local businesses and witness how communities come together and support one another.

All in all, I have grown as a person over the last few years at McGill and with Her Campus and I have had the pleasure of watching it evolve into a diverse and wide-reaching voice.

I feel that it is only appropriate to write my last article about my experiences in contributing this platform and I thank the HC McGill team for welcoming me as a first year four years ago.


It’s time to sign off from this chapter.


All images obtained from Her Campus McGill.

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