An Interview with Sara Nam, Charity Director on PULS

Sara Nam (SM) is the new charity director for PULS (Physiology Undergraduate League of Students). She works closely with a fundraising commitee to plan events to volunteer and raise money for various charities throughout the semester, and encourages other students to get involved as well. Her Campus McGill sat with her to hear more about what she does and her role on PULS.


HC McGill: Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your role as charity director on PULS.

SM: My name is Sara, and I am a U1 Physiology student from Chilliwack, British Columbia. I got involved in PULS as Charity Director because through this role, I get to give back to my community, as well as contribute to organizations that matter to me. As Charity Director, it is my responsibility to help fundraise for PULS, get involved in philanthropy, and coordinate volunteer opportunities for Physiology students!


HC McGill: Which charities are you most passionate about?

SM: The charities that I am personally most passionate about revolve around helping at-risk youth. During high school, I was able to gain exposure to a youth rehabilitation centre, where a psychologist told us about his research on the correlation between substance abuse and broken relationships. After this day, my whole outlook on people had changed. I began to realize the value of having stable, concrete relationships in life. Simultaneously, I started to become painfully aware of how drastically familial circumstances were influencing the kids that I had grown up with. It might not be something you notice while you’re playing during recess at elementary school, but it’s impossible to ignore when you’re seventeen, and people stop showing up to class, or start running away from home.

At McGill, I started volunteering with the Youth Outreach Program, through which I visit a group home on a weekly basis. It’s something that I genuinely look forward to every week, because the kids are so full of energy and easy to love. I very deeply cherish the interactions I have with the kids, and the relationships that I am fortunate enough to build with them. Being able to personally see them laugh and play and dance keeps reminding me that they’re just kids that ended up getting dealt a bad hand, and further inspires me to do what I can.


HC McGill: What types of fundraising events is PULS holding or will be holding this semester?

SM: PULS will be holding a variety of fundraising events throughout the semester to give back to our local community, as well as donate to international organizations. Currently, we have an NTC raffle going on, with all money raised going towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation ( ). Additionally, we have Samosa Sales in the PULS office every Wednesday! Later, we hope to have a used book sale, volunteer with a local shelter, and so much more.


HC McGill: If people are interested, how can they get involved?

SM: If you want to get involved, you can come out to our volunteer events and participate in our fundraisers. Moreover, I also work with the PULS Fundraising Committee which meets on a biweekly basis to organize these events. If you’re a physiology student that is passionate about philanthropy, you can apply to be a member of the committee next semester. Additionally, you can like PULS McGill on Facebook ( ) to keep up with our events. If you have any fundraiser ideas, feel free to reach out to me – I am always open to new ideas and feedback!


Image obtained from interviewee.