How To Take An Exam Successfully

With exams looming around the corner, it’s important to realize that the body of knowledge of which you have studied isn’t necessarily the only ingredient to doing well. Professors can easily make a course filled with fairly simple material, a nightmare on the exam. So aside from study tips, here are some extra tips that will help when in the exam room.


Wear comfortable clothes.

Too many times, I have seen girls walk into exams wearing elaborate outfits, that just seem uncomfortable to wear. Especially during an exam, it is so important to be comfortable, as any slight discomfort may disturb your concentration. All you’ll be thinking about is that itchy tag on your top’s seam and how annoying it is. While yes, it’s important to put on a good appearance in general, it is even more important to be comfortable. I personally find jeans to be quite uncomfortable, so I will never wear them to an exam. While of course, some do find jeans to be comfortable, and others do not find intricate outfits bothersome, you should always be comfortable. If your definition of comfortable is sweatpants, then that’s what you should wear. Don’t forget that it’s an exam, and while it may not always seem like it, no one is paying attention to what you’re wearing.


Avoid heavy makeup.

Once again, this all comes down to comfort. During exams season, stress levels are high, and your complexion is probably suffering for it. While it may be tempting to cover it all up, it may be best to wear nothing or minimal makeup to an exam. I have done both, and I have found that leaving my face bare allows me to feel more refreshed. I used to wear face makeup every day, and the first time I went bare, I felt insecure, but I found it improved my exam environment and mental clarity.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

I don’t think I need to do much convincing for this tip, as we have all heard the importance of sleeping well the night before an exam. It’s hard to imagine that getting that 8 hours of sleep could possibly be more effective than reviewing the final chapter one last time, but it is. There is no point in reviewing something, if you are going to be too tired the next morning to remember it and the rest of the material. This is certainly easier said than done, but I suggest planning in advance to ensure that you will not be left scrambling the night before.


Bring water and a snack.

I have been that girl whose stomach is rumbling thirty minutes into an exam, regretting not having taken food with me. As long as the regulations for your particular exam doesn’t prohibit it, it never hurts to bring some water and a snack! It will hydrate and energize you to continue the exam, and prevent you from being drained halfway through.


Develop a strategy beforehand.

Depending on the type of exam, one should have a strategy when walking in, to ensure everything gets finished on time. With multiple choice exams, I have found that it’s best to answer the questions you know immediately, and come back to the more tricky ones later. It can be extremely tempting to sit and work through the question you’re stuck on, but with the clock ticking, sometimes it’s best to move on. With exams that are extremely long, and can only be finished if you work fast, I prefer to focus on questions worth the most points at the beginning. This way, if you run out of time, at least you have covered the majority of the point distribution of the exam.


These are some tips, that will hopefully get you through these dark and troubling times. And when you’re really feeling stressed out, just remember that summer is right around the corner too.


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