How to Get Through Finals: The Real Prep Guide

1. Start studying early.

Or start pretending to study early, when you do that, your body gets tricked into thinking that it had already been procrastinating for quite a while and it gets more motivation to do work than it would a week before your final. Also, the information you mindlessly look over all the time will somehow be miraculously memorized. Trust me, I’ve been there.

2. Beware of procrastination.

Everything will get more interesting and all irrelevant tasks will become so very compelling. You know that one dust bunny that had been in the corner of your room the entire semester? Remember how it never bothered you before when you were supposed to be cleaning your room and really couldn’t be bothered? Well, now that finals are coming it’s going to literally burn your eyes every time you look in that direction. You will have this surge of energy to do everything you pushed onto the back burner since the beginning of time.

3. Plan out your revision schedule.

Okay, so this might be another form of procrastination, but it could also help your studying immensely!

Seriously though, say no to excessive plans with friends, say no to distracting things, and just remind yourself of the relief you feel after you finish exams. Or assignments. Or term papers. Or anything.

Of course, the reminder of the feeling of relief is only going to do so much, if you’re a procrastinator you’re going to eventually procrastinate. One exception is if you’re a procrastinator and you know that you can always finish everything with quality on time or you like the panic you feel at 11:30PM when you realize that you need to change the entire citation style before the due date of 11:59PM. Otherwise, procrastination is conquerable, everything could be done before, and your life could be much easier!

4. Library seats are gold.

Seats are often impossible to find in the library during finals season. Nothing should be able to tear you away from that seat you woke up extra early to get! Remember to bring water and snacks. Once you sit down, pull out everything and put it all on the desk in order, looking organized is the first step to being organized! After that's all done, put on your headphones and isolate yourself from the world. At this point, nothing should be able to grab your attention.

5. That said, there is still a need for breaks.

Your brain needs to take a break from intensive studying. Maybe study until lunch time and take a longer walk to the better food place. Or download a meditation app, don't laugh, they're actually really calming, just make sure to be in a private space if you know you're going to feel self-conscious. Or the easiest way, is to reward yourself with mindlessly looking through some Instagram posts, some Snapchat stories, just make sure to not get carried away!

Either way, we are going to survive these finals! Best of luck to everyone!


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