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Great TV shows to hibernate to in winter

Today, on my way to the library, I saw a squirrel with a pudgy stomach. It was the cutest thing ever: a fat squirrel! I was happy for a brief moment, until the realization dawned on me that the squirrel had put on some weight due to the fact that winter is coming. Jealousy crept upon me as I understood that that little body was getting ready for three months of hibernation, something McGill won’t let me do except on weekends.

Here then, are a few TV shows I think all those of you ready to cuddle in the covers should watch:

1. American Horror Story

Not has this show already aired two seasons for you to catch up on, the great acting and storyline will keep you on your toes. You’ll be clicking with bated breath on the next episode to find out what happens. Fair warning, though: this show is not for the faint especially of heart. As the name tells us, it is mostly about horror, but unlike a scary movie it’s more of a creepy feeling of unease than can’t-close-your-eyes-and-sleep.

Take a look and let us know if you agree (or not) about this show being on this list!

2. VeeP

If you’ve heard about HBO, then you know that when it comes to shows, they deliver. VeeP is no exception. This show follows Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Madam Vice-President (a big step for women in politics) and her whole team of publicists, bag carriers, aides… The action flows at a quick pace, which can be jarring when you’re used to hearing conversations with dramatic pauses and some sort of background music. But actually, it makes the show more exciting and funnier. The show has aired for 3 seasons with each episodes running at about 20 minutes, so realistically, you can watch three very funny episodes in an hour.

Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, this show has won two Emmy awards!

3. Bob’s Burgers

This is an animated show, but have no fear, this hilarious show is not targeted at kids. The characters are all quirky and the three main children – Tina, Gene and Louise – steal the show. Unfortunately, there isn’t much description that could do this show any justice, so just try it. There are four seasons’ worth of 20-minute episodes, all of which will bring you good laughs for these gloomy winter days. 

4. Flight of the Conchords

If you don’t fall in love at once with the accents of the two main characters, who are a New Zealander comedy duo playing fictionalized versions of themselves, you’ll most definitely love them after you hear the punny songs they sing in each episode. Bret and Jermaine are trying to get famous in New York, but between Murray, their manager who isn’t even a real manager, and their one intense (and only) fan, a married woman who drags her husband whenever she follows Bret and Jermaine, the show will just keep cracking you up. Give it a try, and I bet that by the end of the winter your iPod will be updated with all of Bret and Jermaine’s songs. 

I hope that with the help of this list, you can find a show to watch this winter. Let us know what you think about these shows.



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