GIF Guide: What You Missed At The Grammys

It's sad but true; not all of us have three and half hours to devote to every televised celebrity awards show that comes our way, which last night happened to be the Grammy's. But fortunately for you, my Sunday night was all about that bass Golden Gramophone hype! So if you missed even a second of this year's musical, celebrity-filled extravaganza, there's a handy recap of all the good stuff below—complementary gifs included.

1. Iggy Azalea's Hair Baffles Us All: Not sure whether her hair stylist was going for Swedish milkmaid or French Cruller. Whatever the inspiration, Iggy stepped out onto the red carpet with a pile of braids that probably could've nested a bird or two. 

2. Rihanna's (80's Prom) Dress: RhiRhi arrived fashionably late, and looking a bit like she'd wandered into the wrong ballroom at the hotel where senior prom Class of '88 was being hosted. I wonder if Glinda the Good Witch noticed that metric tons of pink tulle were missing from her closet?


3. Break-Through in Time Travel Achieved with AC/DC Opening:  AC/DC was thawed out from the ice they'd been cryogenically frozen in and asked to open the Grammy's- except no one told them the 80's were over, so they brought hats and "Highway to Hell".


4. Taylor Swift Loves Dancing, and the Camera Loves Taylor Swift Dancing: As per usual, we got plenty of shots of our girl Tay jamming out in the audience like she's having a dance party in her bedroom, featuring her signature Not-Sure-What-To-Do-With-My-Hands technique. Paul McCartney, I hope you're taking notes. 

5. Madonna Is Still... Madonna: Nearly sixty years old, and still whipping out sexual dance choreography with horned male dancers while wearing matador-inspired lingerie and fishnets. Very impressive- but I'm becoming more and more convinced that she's got a couple of Horcruxes stashed somewhere. 

6. Is This The Same Song Written for a Children's Movie?!: Throw in a little Hans Zimmer and Pharrell's "Happy" goes from being a too-catchy pop beat to something more suited for a horror movie soundtrack, or a really weird Cirque de Soleil performance. And why was he dressed like a bellboy?! Channelling the Grand Budapest Hotel, or just gotten off a shift at the Tower of Terror?

7. Sia's "Chandelier", Minus The Sia: The famously elusive singer turned her back on the audience and replaced her presence on the stage with- wait, is that Kristin Wiig? Yes, it's Kristin Wiig, wearing a wig and wiggin' out (pun trifecta, bam!) along with that girl from Dance Moms. Both gave a fantastic performance- definitely worth watching.

8. Hozier & Annie Lennox Make A Serious Power Duo: Hozier, he of the beautiful voice and fresh perm, took to the stage to sing that song about taking someone to church- and then Annie Lennox showed up, and really took us all to church. Hozier looked like his dreams were coming true just standing next to her as they brought the house down together. I won't lie- I'm hoping for some future collabs in the studio now. Annie definitely seems up for it!

9. Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West, a.k.a. Serious Squad Envy: Starting out as dramatic silhouettes against a white background, the fab trio sang a rendition of "FourFiveSeconds" and buddied around on stage like they'd been best friends forever. Who knows? Maybe Paul McCartney, Yeezus and RiRi all have matching friendship bracelets the world simply isn't privileged enough to know about.

10. Obama's Video PSA on Domestic Abuse: Stepping away from the festivities for a moment, the screens were graced by a message from President Obama, speaking out about the importance of a culture where violence is not be tolerated and survivors are supported. It wasn't the only mention of the topic throughout the ceremony; Katy Perry's performance of 'By The Grace of God' followed a moving speaking segment by domestic violence activist Brooke Axtwell.

11. Sam Smith Should've Brought a Wheelbarrow for All Those Grammies: By the end of the night, this year's Breakout Brit racked up four awards- including Best New Artist and Best Song. He even pulled an Adele and thanked the guy who broke his heart in one of his acceptance speeches- how do you like them apples?

12. BECK, WHO? Alternately Titled, The Great Beyonce Snub of 2015: Seriously, who is Beck? Twitter wanted to know so bad that they set the question trending after the Best Album award went to... someone other than Beyonce. Who the heck is Beck?!

13. Oh That Kanye, What A Jokester: After the announcement of Best Album winner, there was a stirring somewhere in the front row, a bit of commotion, a figure rushing to the stage- could history really be repeating itself? YES! Except no, because as soon as Kanye got to microphone, he was quick to wave off the whole thing with a sheepish "nah, just joking," smile. Room laughed it off with him, audibly relieved- except poor Beck, who looked a little stricken in the aftermath.

14. Aaaaand, Curtain: In the wake of her Best Album loss, Bey's finale performance could only infuriate her legions of fans further with the sheer unfairness of it all. But it did bring us to the emotional "Glory', the final song of the night collaboratively performed by John Legend and Common as a piece from the soundtrack of "Selma"- but that we'll save for the Oscars in two weeks time. When all was said and done, this was the Grammy's in all the classic ways: questionable fashion, artists sweeping up awards by the handful, underdogs and unknowns, return of interrupting Kanye- and everything else in between. 

Bonus Gif: Don't worry, Beck, maybe this will be you six years from now. 

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