Getting to the Heart Of It with Canadian Beauty Influencer Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde is a Canadian beauty blogger and YouTube star based in London England, the author of Bloom Navigating Life and Style and the mind behind The Heart of It Podcast. Her relatable and honest personality has earned her millions of followers across her Youtube, Twitter and Instagram platforms, where she showcases her amazing style, gorgeous home and the best of beauty products. As a long-time fan, I am honored to have had the opportunity to interview Estée and chat about her tremendous success in the world of social media.

Claire for HerCampus McGill (HC): How did you first get into YouTube?

Estée Lalonde (EL): I started blogging after moving to London when I was 19. When I saw that a lot of my blogger friends were starting to film videos I decided (despite feeling totally terrified!) that I’d sit down in front of a camera and give it a go. I remember filming my first video was like torture! I was so humiliated! But after a while I started to get more and more relaxed and found my groove. The journey to get here was difficult and there were times when I felt like giving up, but my viewers gave me the motivation to continue filming. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

HC: Do you have any advice for people wanting to make it in the beauty world?

EL: Do you! The beauty world has grown leaps and bounds since I first started making YouTube videos so I think it’s especially important to stay true to yourself and what you like. My viewers know that I’m all about minimal, stress-free makeup, so they come to me for product recommendations and tips for natural looks. Think about what it is that makes you unique and how you can use that to your advantage.


HC: It is incredible to see how many brands you get to work with from Garnier UK, Adidas to Lancôme. Do you have any tips on how to become a successful business woman?

EL: Work hard everyday, always be kind and know when to take a break. I think sometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance between those three things, but once you’ve found it things should start falling into place.

HC: With 8 years of making videos under your belt, are there any new directions you are hoping to take your channel in the future? Is there anything in particular you want your platform to focus on?

EL: I think I’d like to start introducing a wider range of subjects to my channel. I recently uploaded a video about green beauty in NYC. I know a lot of my viewers are as curious about that subject as I am, so it was fun to make something where we could all explore it together.

HC: What would you consider your greatest career achievement?

EL: My podcast 'The Heart of It' was a huge achievement for me. For years I’ve been longing for the opportunity to create a platform where I could talk about things that really matter to not only me, but my viewers too. The podcast was a space for me to explore different subjects and allow my audience to learn along with me. To know that many of my listeners feel that my podcast has helped them in some way is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my career. I’m excited to jump back into the podcast world this Summer.

HC: Now for some fun questions! Who is your greatest style inspiration?

EL: My friends! I’m lucky to have so many strong women in my life and each and everyone of them inspires me in a totally unique way. I love how they all have different styles and like different things. 

HC: Do you have a  favourite kind of video to make? 

EL: Beauty is my bae so I love filming makeup favourites. I love sharing products that make me happy in my everyday life and just having a good old fashioned beauty chat! 

HC: If you could have any guest on your podcast who would it be?

EL: Oprah! Hands down.

HC: Is there a makeup product you couldn’t live without?

EL: I’m a lipstick girl. Chanel ‘Boy’ is my holy grail. 

HC: As a fellow Canadian, I must ask your Tim Hortons order? 

EL: It's so dependent on my mood but I love to get a sesame seed bagel (double toasted) with herb and garlic cream cheese! *drools* I also have to get a steeped tea!  

~Thank you Estée for sharing a piece of your story with us~


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