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Fourth Year Diaries: Bucket List

As the first weeks of class start to slip away (along with the warm temperatures of summer) we McGill collegiettes are forced to look ahead to our busy academic semesters. Thinking of all the papers, midterms, and readings in my future has reminded me that, while I would like to graduate with an acceptably high GPA, I would also like to have some fun in my fourth and final year. I have always lived by the philosophy “work hard, play hard” at McGill – and I plan on staying committed to this lifestyle in my last year. I have therefore created a short bucket list of some of the events I’d like to attend, restaurants I’d like to eat at, or university experiences I’d like to complete before, my time here is done:

Skating on Beaver Lake: as a student who was born in Montreal, I already completed this item on my bucket list when I was four years old. Skating (or tripping and falling on ice) with friends seems like the perfect winter activity that doesn’t require drinking.

Eat at O.Noir: O.Noir is a restaurant that serves food in the dark and is located at 1631 St. Catherine’s Street West. The concept of blind eating is supposed to enhance the dining experience for the customer, as they are relying purely on smell and taste rather than appearance of the food. I’ve always thought that this would be an interesting night. 

Snow Jam: My friends and I have always talked about going to Snow Jam, but were never organized enough to group together to form rooms… so we ended up missing the deadline each year. Recently, I’ve seen posts about it on Facebook and a weekend of skiing (sitting around the lodge) and drinking seems to be the perfect way to start off my last second semester.

Pay for $2 chow mein purely in pennies and small change: This item was a dare my friends and I created one night back in first year, and is something I’ve always been strangely tempted to do. I haven’t been to $2 chow mein since second year and I strongly believe that every McGill student should eat the peanut-butter-covered noodles at least once before they graduate.

Complete an all-nighter: This item is on my bucket list purely because it is a university experience that I feel I’ve been missing out on.

Climb to the top of the Arts building: I’ve seen photos of people taken from the top of the Arts building (in that tiny area under the flag) and have always been curious as to how they reached the top without being chased down by security.

Attend the Red and White ball: This item is almost mandatory as it is the closest event to prom that we have at McGill, and is the last opportunity to dress up and be classy with friends before parting ways.

While the above list does not include everything I’d like to accomplish before I graduate from McGill in May 2013, it is a short version of things I’ve always had in the back of my mind. I hope it inspires some of you McGill collegiettes to create your own bucket list, and to experience the most this city and school have to offer before it’s time to put on your cap and gown.
Photo Credits:
Marianne Cole and http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/

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