Feminist Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram

If you're looking to see more feminism on your Instagram feed, you came to the right place. From art to activism, here are the most interesting feminist accounts on Instagram.

1. @awardsforgoodboys

awardsforgoodboys combines feminism, art, and comedy and the result is these hilarious drawings that sarcastically congratulate men who do the bare minimum. Plus, the stories posted on the account are always informative and interesting. 

2. @reductress

Reductress always blesses our feed with brilliant feminist satire. You can keep up to date with the articles they publish by following their Instagram.

3. @the.vulva.gallery

The artist behind The Vulva Gallery posts new drawings of vulvas everyday to celebrate the diversity of vulvas. The statement on the website reads:

"Variations in vulvas are endless. Labia can be long or tiny, wrinkly or smooth, thick or thin, curvy or wavy, juicy or dry, big or small, chubby or skinny, flappy or wobbly, asymmetrical or equally long. Mostly it's a combination of these, and there are many more possibilities. Labia colour can vary from dark brown to pink, from red to purple, from light pink to light brown or caramel - or a combination of these, and many more colours. When inner labia are longer than outer labia and stick out they often tend to have a darker colour than the internal part of the vulva. The mons pubis can be round, chubby, skinny, firm or wobbly - depending on estrogen levels and body weight. Some bodies are naturally hairy, others have little hair growth. The natural variety in vulvar anatomy is very broad, making sure that everyone looks a little bit different. The Vulva Gallery shows all these differences, celebrating the vulva in all its beauty all around the world. 

The Vulva Gallery is body positive, gender inclusive and welcomes all."

4. @thefleshlightchronicles

thefleshlightchronicles creates art out of disturbing Tinder messages that often fetishize her as an Asian woman. Not only is her art brilliant but her captions are also gold.

5. @wearenipscapes

At first glance, Nipscapes might look like an account that posts photos of beautiful landscape. But if you look closer, you will see a nipple hiding in the corner. One nipple at a time, Nipscapes is figthting to free the nipple and destigmatize it. 

6. @theslumflower

theslumflower, Chidera Eggerue is the woman behind #SaggyBoobsMatter. Fighting for body positivity, and against misogynoir, theslumflower also manages to keep up an inspiring Instagram feed. She is also the writer of the bestselling book, "What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower's guide to why you are already enough".


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