Dr. Style: Skirt Savvy

Let’s talk feminism… let's talk skirts. Skirts have been the OG bottom for women throughout history, but just because times are a-changin’ doesn’t mean skirts have to be left in the history books! The variety of fabrics, lengths, and styles reveal a world of leather, frills, and sequins. (OMG CAN WE GO?!) But seriously, ladies, sometimes you just gotta loosen up… feel the freedom (literally). That being said, leave those constricting bottoms you call pants at home because I’m about to let you in on some coveted skirt secrets.


Q: Every time I wear a skirt I always feel too dressed up. How do I make it look casual?

A: The best part about skirts is that they can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with. Casual shoes like sneakers or boots can take a nice skirt from a club to a classroom

Crop top: Etsy; Vest: Topshop; Sneakers: Converse; Skirt: JCrew; Scarf: BCBGMAXARIA


Q: Tips for wearing a skirt when you haven’t shaved your legs?

A: “No Shave November” isn’t just for the men, ladies. Except maybe ours should be “No Shave All Winter”? Nevertheless, the best way to cover up that fur is to wear tights or stockings under your skirt. Any color or pattern works, as long as the fur is trapped. Just do me a favor PLEASE: make sure your tights work with the rest of your outfit! K, thanks.


Q: What are some comfy skirts to wear while studying?

A: Great question! Wearing a skirt automatically means not being constricted by pants. Beautiful, I know. So when you decide to wear a skirt to study, make sure it is loose and not too tight at the waistband. Longer length skirts are more convenient since you don’t have to worry about crossing your legs. See here and here.


Q: How do I pull off maxi skirts in the colder seasons?

The maxi skirt is typically known as a summer trend, but it would be a waste to shove them in the back of your closet for half the year! You’d be surprised at how warm they keep your legs. Imagine wearing blanket around your legs all day- viola! The maxi skirt is reborn.

Jacket: Nasty Gal; Boots: Boohoo.com; Top: John Lewis; Maxi Skirt: House of Fraser; Necklace: Kate Spade; Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay


Q: What is the most flattering skirt for my body type?

A: There are many different shapes and sizes out there (all beautiful and perfect), but for this answer I will be addressing four body types: banana, apple, pear, and hourglass. Bananas' waists, shoulders, and hips tend to be all the same width. Apples have broader shoulders than hips while pears have wider hips than shoulders. Hourglass shapes have equal sized shoulders and hips with a narrow waist.

Bananas look best in mini skirts since they show off those lean legs.

Plaid: Topshop; Leather: Zara; Pearl: House of Fraser; Embellished: H&M


Apples appear sharp in high-waisted flouncy skirts. The higher waist hides the middle section and the outward structure masks the middle section.


Grey: Zara; Black textured: Aziina; White: Madewell; Blue: Topshop


Pears look their finest in midi a-line skirts or flowy maxi skirts. Both these styles emphasize a smaller waist and cover the bottom half


Floral: Chicwish; Denim: Pink Queen; Leather: Simply Be; Neutral: Lulu's


Hourglass figures work the pencil skirts! Emphasizing those curves with tightness really shapes the thighs

Red: Ermanno Scervino; Black: River Island; Striped: John Lewis; Grey: H&M

All in all, wear what makes you feel comfortable. Rules are breakable, I always say.


Q: How do I avoid the wind blowing up my skirt?

A: Unfortunately, I do not control nature (I so wish I did). That being said, stockings underneath your skirt may prevent you from being the latest star of Sherbrooke. Stock up!


Doctor’s Orders:

Try pulling off the mesh tull skirt! They are so fun and flirty, and I guarantee you will feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. 



I hope these answers have been helpful to all you fashionistas out there! Tune in biweekly for more Dr. Style articles answering any style and beauty questions. 

Stay healthy. Stay gorgeous.



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