Coming Back to School: As Told by the Gilmore Girls

By: Idil Copur

It’s already been a week since we got back from the break, which means two things:

  1. It’s cold.
  2. The glorious and guiltless days of over-eating and over-sleeping are long gone.

On particularly windy and slushy winter days like these, we all need to be a little Gilmored, because, honestly, sometimes you just need that kind of attitude to deal with life. So, with the hopes of catching a little sarcasm from Lorelai, Rory, and Emily, I present to you... Coming Back to School: As Told by the Gilmores - Montreal edition.


1. Trying to get your sleep schedule back on track because taking impromptu naps is no longer acceptable.

2. Back to school means back to cooking for yourself, which can go either of two ways: pizza, or pizza.

3. So naturally, when the chance of eating proper food comes up, you go for it.

4. 8:30 classes. Let’s not even talk about this.

5. Going over the syllabi, and you are already drowning in the deadlines – mind you, these are the same deadlines you will skillfully ignore for the rest of the term and procrastinate for as long as humanely possible.

6. And when all that work starts piling up, you turn to your one true savior: coffee.

7. Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough because it's too much to handle, so you try to find solace in alcohol and good company...

8. With an emphasis on the good company. Where would we be without friends to lean on for support?

9. And you sure know how to have a good time together!

10. "Wow! Montreal looks very pretty with snow!"

11. And you are actually enjoying the snow…

12. Until you remember why you hate it so much and you constantly need a blanket to keep you warm.

13. Living on student budget. Need I say more?

14. Wondering why having a healthy social life, getting good grades, and working is so hard.

15. Paying a small fortune for your textbooks, so even the books themselves look miserable.

16. Getting started on your assignments can be hard, but eventually you find a way to get them done. When in doubt, babble it out!

17. Oh, also, this for safe measure. You never know in Canada! 

18. Congratulations! You’re now ready for the new term! You got this!


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