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Christopher St-Cyr, Varsity Lacrosse Player

Ella Sibio for HC McGill

Christopher St-Cyr is a McGill University Student and varsity Lacrosse player. He sat down to answer some questions about himself, his sport and his school. Enjoy.  

HC McGill: What’s your jersey number?

Christopher St-Cyr (CS): #15, McGill Redmen Lacrosse

HC McGill: Faculty and year?

CS: Education (Secondary School English), 4th year

HC McGill: Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

CS: I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. I grew up in the small town of Fair Haven, New Jersey. I attended high school at the Hill Academy in Ontario, a sports-specific school that focused largely on Lacrosse. I like the company of dogs and intellegent women. I also enjoy playing other more leisurely sports such as paintball, tennis and especially snowboarding. Woodworking is how I express my creative side. 

HC McGill: What’s the best part of playing?

CS: The team itself. Being surrounded by a fantastic group of individuals who are brought together by the shared passion of an honourable, ancient game. 

HC McGill: How do you get hyped before a big game?

CS: By listening to funky jams….argonaut&wasp from Burlington, Vermont has been on repeat for a while now.

HC McGill: Do you have any advice for students thinking of joining a varsity team at McGill?

CS: You’ll be giving yourself an awesome opportunity to make great friends and represent your school in a noble manner. Join up. 

Follow McGill Lacrosse on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/RedmenLacrosse

Ella is a second year McGill University student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Philosophy and Political Science. She is Interested in Civil Rights and Family Law, Social Justice, Social Media and Journalism. In her spare time she enjoy's reading both classics and current trends and writing about absolutely anything.
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