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Campus Cutie: Stephen Reimer

This week we are excited to have you meet Stephen Reimer, a multi-talented U3 student from Fort McMurray, Alberta. He’s a a U3 getting a degree in Joint Honours Political Science and International Development, but he can be just as fun as he is serious. You may recognize him from various theater productions he’s done on campus, or because of his uncanny resemblance to a famous actor… read on to find out more!

Esther Vinarov for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): What sort of activities have you been involved in at McGill?

Stephen Reimer (SR): Lots of stuff really… the International Development Studies Students Association, Model UN, and the AUS Essay Centre to name a few. I also really enjoy acting and have performed with the McGill Savoy Society for two years now. I was also in “Entertaining Mr. Sloane” with Players’ Theatre and directed a one-act for the McGill Drama Festival.

HC McGill: What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

SR: This year I was selected by the International Relations Student Association of McGill (IRSAM) to join their delegation to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women at the UN Headquarters in New York. Gender equality is probably the single most salient social justice issue we are faced with today… it impacts everything, so I was honoured to be chosen to attend the conference and participate in this incredibly important discussion. 

HC McGill: What is your #1 travel destination?:

SR: I have a bit of a traveling addiction, wanderlust I think it’s called, so that makes choosing only one of the places I have been to almost unfair! I suppose it would be a tie between Petra, Jordan and the “Garden Route” in South Africa.

HC McGill: What is your favourite meal of the day, and where in Montreal do you like to get it?

SR: My favourite meal is 3 AM drunk eats, and I will (and have) travel(ed) over an hour to AA Restaurant on Notre-Dame to get some of Andre’s famous poutine. Andre opened AA when he immigrated to Canada from Greece, and has been serving the city’s best poutine ever since then. Don’t tell me its not the best in the city, I will actually fight you.

HC McGill: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Alan Cumming?

SR: Yes actually… on the same day by two different people in two different contexts. I had just finished a performance of “HMS Pinafore” with the Savoy Society and had some residual eyeliner still on my face, which I suppose was what drew my inner Alan out of me. After a quick Google search, I was flattered to be likened to such a successful man!

HC McGill: What would it take for you to put “Campus Cutie” on your resume?

SR: If it came with untold fame and glory… which I have been told it does! I suppose I will have to choose what’s getting cut now.

HC McGill: What is your dream job?

SR: I would love to work in the Middle East, doing policy consulting for a national or supra-national organisation (classic Poli Sci stuff). If all of that falls through I have my sights set on Beer Sommelier or professional ostrich rider (see this video proof that I am already quite skilled in this regard). 

HC McGill: What’s something only your friends know about you?

SR: I give great massages… in that I massage people so they will be my friend.


Images provided by interviewee. 

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