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Campus Cutie: Raveena Kokal

This campus cutie hails from Saudi Arabia, and she’s in her second year in the Desautels Business School. Meet Raveena Kokal – sangria connoisseur and self-proclaimed ~Bronfman Shark~!

Campus involvement: The Bull and Bear, Desautels Case League

If you were to be sorted into a house at Hogwarts, which would it be? Ravenclaw

Coffee or tea? Smirnoff

One Direction with or without Zayn Malik? Waiting for Zayn to pull a Beyoncé on Destiny’s Child and leave Harry behind in the dust like Michelle.

First thing you do when you wake up? Go back to sleep.

Dream job? Schoolboy Q’s side girl. ~life goals~

Favourite Beyoncé song? Rude. They’re all favourites.

Chocolate or Vanilla cake? Marble. 

Biggest pet peeve? People eating chips when it’s quiet. 

Celebrity crush? Justin Timberlake. 

Clubs, bars or house parties? Why limit yourself to only one?

Favourite movie? High School Musical 

Favourite McGill memory thus far? Not transferring out of Carnival College. 

Would you consider yourself a Bronfman Shark? Oh hell ya

Quesada or Sinfully Asian? Diehard Sinful fan. R.I.P.

Tim’s or Premiere Moisson? Timmy’s!

French or English? Lived in Montreal for two years and the only French I know is “je mange une pomme.”

If you could be any mammal in the world, what would you be? Tigress 

One place you have to travel to before you die? Maldives. 

Favourite country in the world? South Africa!!!!!! 

If you had to decide on a life motto, what would yours be? “It’s hard being my own role model.”    

Describe yourself in one word. Queen. 

Aspiring writer
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