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Campus Cutie: Patrick Zeng

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada

Birthday: February 19

Year: U2

Major/Minor: Major in Finance, Double Concentration in Accounting & Information Systems

Dream Job: Basketball player for the NBA

Realistic Job: Some Management Guy

Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity crush (male and female): Adam Levine. As a (straight) guy, even I can appreciate his chilling vocals, calm demeanour, and that impeccable jaw line. But I’ll have to take my girl Emma Stone over him any day, sorry Adam! Who says Gingers don’t have souls?

What do you look for in a girl? Somebody who is smart, funny, and easy-going! Also, a little hint of spice is always nice ;)

Three words describing yourself: Passionate, caring, and proactive

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Teleportation; I could get to class/work without making any effort at all. No more stupid traffic or waiting for the bus…

Guilty pleasure food: Chicken Shawarma with extra garlic sauce

Words to live by: When you long for a life without difficulties, remember that oaks become strong from large contrary winds and diamonds are formed under constant pressure.

Favourite time of year at McGill: The beginning of the school year, no doubt! Summer weather, frosh, OAP, reunions, and that slight surge in motivation to “make up for last year” before reality finally kicks in.

Best class you’ve taken at McGill: Applied Corporate Finance with Hammami. “Things get spicy, but you’re going to learn to like it!” 1.5 hour presentations, a case and report every week, an absolute massacre!

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Paraded the Eaton Centre in a cave-man costume and video camera screaming the McGill Chant… in March…. MCGILL ONCE, MCGILL TWICE, HOLY…oops. 

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