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Meet campus cutie Jon! This cutie hails from Toronto, he’s a total foodie (always a win), he loves his little sister and he’s available…! Keep reading collegiates to get to know Jon a little better.  

The Basics

Age: 21

Faculty/Year: Management U2

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Single or Taken: Single

The Essentials 

Hobbies: Bingo Night!

Favourite Food: Greek and Italian

Dream Job: Head chef at Sotto Sotto

Favorite thing about yourself: My eyelashes

What is your go-to place in Montreal? : Orange Julep

Go to Place at McGill?: Quesada

Getting Personal 

Turn ons: Moist elbows, pretty eyes, and unchapped lips

Pet Peeves: Sharing drinks and lazy people

Perfect date: Dinner and a movie cuz I’m unique

Worst Habits: Too many to list

Role Model: My sister, Maya

Fun Facts

Favorite Word: Saganaki

Celebrity Girl Crush: Ginette Rino

Celebrity Guy Crush: Owen Wilson

Guilty pleasure: I love watching the Suite Life On Deck

Finishing Touches

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: 31

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Treaded in a pool for 25 minutes straight

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