Campus Celebrity: YOU!

It’s true, Her Campus McGill readers, our campus celebrity is you! Not only have you made it this far into the year, but you’re facing arguably the most difficult and strenuous time of any student’s life – final exam season.

Let’s face it – student life is tough. Whether it’s staying up countless nights studying for that exam tomorrow or procrastinating and watching an entire season of House of Cards on Netflix, you somehow do it all. You've paid for textbooks that seem more expensive than diamonds, and you've ate dozens of instant noodle packs, and for all that has been thrown at you, you’re still going strong. You all are celebrities in your own right.

Exams are always a blow to physical and mental health. Take a deep breath; you've got this. It all works out in the end, and we all believe in your ability.  Remeber that failure, while inconvienient, does not determine who you are nor does it reflect badly on you as a person

So here’s to you and all your accomplishments. Still not convinced? Remember you were also named Time’s Person of the Year in 2006! (You should definitely put that on your résumé.)

And finally, on behalf of the Her Campus McGill team, we are grateful to you for your continued support and readership.

P.S. Remember not to neglect your health. Embody the sloth as your spirit animal for a bit. To quote Youtuber zefrank: “If you’re having a stressed out day, remember the sloth. They don’t do sh*t and they haven’t gone extinct. I’m sure you can afford to take a nap.”

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