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Campus Celebrity: Emily Brigitte Cole

This week, Her Campus McGill interviewed one of our university’s very own “Style Celebrities.” 

Emily Brigitte Cole is not your average blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty. A third-year honors student in English Literature with a love for cats and pomegranates, Emily balances her classic looks with an eclectic wardrobe collected throughout her travels.

This lovely lady has an eye for unique pieces, hand-picked from cities like Milan, Grenada, and New York City, which instantly come to life when she wears them. Her style is innate and unconscious, which adds to her charming and quirky personality. “I never thought of myself as fashionable person; I just wear what I feel comfortable in. I get a feel for the day when I wake up and then I get dressed, one leg at a time,” explains Emily.

Nevertheless, there are two principles that govern Emily’s style: insouciance and comfort. Her mixtures of patterns over different textures and tones are instinctual, and stay true to her carefree yet zestful spirit.

In most – if not all – of her outfits, Emily coordinates at least four different patterns. What makes such mixtures work is how she keeps the patterns within the same color palette. She incorporates, however, different tones to bring out each piece – while still maintaining a harmonious balance among all the patterns.

Take for example her RED outfit: she is mixing four patterns, three different hues of red, and four different textures. What sounds like a hot mess is in fact a striking, yet simple, outfit that is practical, beautiful, and comfortable.

She carries over the horizontal stripes from her top into her lace-inspired, vibrant red Club Monaco skirt, which is softened by her maroon leather jacket from Spain. She grounds her outfit with her tanned leather Mary-Jane flats from Milan.

Not too shabby for a Monday afternoon outfit!

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