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Campus Catwalk: Jeremy Goh

The winter semester is in full swing and even though most of us dread the frosty winters here in Montreal, I know there’s one thing that I do in fact appreciate — bundling up in excessive winter accesories, comfy scarves, colorful beanies, and oversized cardigans. Winter apparel always makes me feel so ridiculously cozy, and most days I feel like a human blanket. It’s also super simple to complete any outfit with what I call the perfect winter duo: an oversized infinity scarf & beanie. Here’s some inspiration.

This week’s super stylish McGill student is Jeremy Goh, a  second year physiology major who’s a definite foodie (“I love trying out different restaurants”), sitting in his friends’ lectures just to get a taste of what other faculties are like (“I sat in an engineering and poli-sci class”), and when he’s not busy running to class, you can find him at Cybertech at McLennan most hours of the day studying. 


Jeremy is sporting the perfect winter ensemble consisting of a holiday-inspired winter printed sweater paired with some classic khaki pants, an oversized infinity scarf and a red beanie. He finished off the look with a super sophisticated peacoat and a pair of durable Steve Madden boots. As I attempted to take his photo, Jeremy thought that he should have some creative direction in the shoot and asked, “Should I pretend I’m opening this door?” 


Thanks for reading collegiettes. I can’t wait to feature some of your chic ensembles and beautiful faces on Her Campus McGill soon.


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