The Best Places to Get Bubble Tea in Montreal

One of my favourite treats, especially in summer, is the popular Taiwanese drink known as bubble tea (or boba tea).  For those of you who don’t know, bubble tea is a tea-based drink that is usually blended with fruit, syrup, or milk. It’s typically served cold or as a slush, but is definitely something that can be enjoyed hot too. What makes it special are the sweet chewy tapioca balls ("pearls") that are added to the drink. Those who don’t enjoy the pearls can replace it with other toppings such as coconut jelly, aloe vera, pudding, and red bean. The multitude of flavours and combinations you can have are truly endless! To make your next bubble tea experience a tasty one, here are four of the best places to get bubble tea in Montreal:

Chatime - 1811 Sainte Catherine Street West

This widely popular bubble tea company is world renowned, with stores in countries such as the US, Taiwan, Korea, Signapore, Dubai, the UK, and Australia. Other than the amazing taste, the great thing about Chatime is how customizable your drink can be – you pick how much ice and sugar goes into your drink, from 0% all the way to 110%. 

Nos Thes – 2160 Saint-Mathieu Street and 1215 Sainte-Catherine Street East

Nos Thes is authentically Taiwanese - their pearls are made in their restaurant, and all their teas for bubble tea are freshly brewed when you order them. This is one of my favorite places to grab a bit of Taiwanese food and drink. Once you try their bubble tea, you’ll be hooked!

L2 Desserts Lounge - 71A De la Gauchetière Street West (Chinatown)

This place not only offers delicious bubble tea and food, but includes a jukebox, foosball table, and computers/video games. This is a great place to hang out with friends while enjoying a huge variety of different bubble teas and snacks.

Magic Idea - 1675 Maisonneuve Boulevard West and 30 de Gauchetière Street West (Chinatown)

If you’re looking for some decent food and bubble tea, Magic Idea is a good place to be. The pearls have a nice sweetness to them, and the food portions are quite large.

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