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Be Mine Valentine: A GIF Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

If you haven't noticed the pink already you most definitely will, now that we have officially reached the month of Valentine's Day. No moping should be done on this day, because even if you don't have a partner, you have something better: yourself. 

1. Start the day extra peppy (because you're living in this frozen tundra)

2. Indulge in a little something for yourself 

3. Put on some feel-good music 

4. Give yourself a makeover (pampering your body is a sure way for you to feel confident)

5. Hang out with friends 

6. Gossip (not too much, but a little is scientifically proven to improve mental health)

7. Do something outside (fresh air is a must)

8. Dinner time!! 

9. Drinks

10. ...More drinks 

11. Some dancin'

12. And then some rest, because you deserve it, you legend <3




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