Artist on the Rise: An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Vikki Gilmore

Vikki Gilmore is much more than a student at McGill University. She’s also a successful singer-songwriter quickly taking Montreal by storm. She recently launched her second EP, “Someone”. This week, I had the chance to ask her about her career and what inspires her.

Val Namaki for Her Campus McGill: What made you want to start pursuing music?

Vikki Gilmore: Music has always had an emotional power over me. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that music can change your mood, connect with you, and can ultimately mean something different to each listener. In high school I was so beyond lucky to have teachers, a loving family and supportive friends that saw something in me and gave me a little push to pursue this on my own!

HC McGill: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Vikki: Right now the biggest challenge I’m facing is being able to juggle everything: being a full time undergraduate student, working, and developing my music career. It really is trial and error and I’m so grateful to have people supporting me every step of the way and encouraging me to keep going. Pursuing music is like a marathon!

HC McGill: What is the most exciting part of moving forward in the music industry?

Vikki: The most exciting part of moving forward on a project is being able to share the final product with everyone! My EP launch at Le Ministère on September 15th was one of the happiest nights of my life because I was surrounded by such incredible people and it was the most supportive environment. Being able to finally share something that you’ve been working on for such a long time is such a rewarding feeling. 

HC McGill: What inspired “Someone”, your latest EP?

Vikki: “Someone” was inspired by a culmination of stories, life events, and people in my life (both old and new). So far my two EPs have acted as journals of sorts in the past chapters of my life. My first EP came out when I was 18 and my second at 21 (I’m not copying Adele, I swear!!)

You can listen to “Someone” here:

HC McGill: What are your goals for the future?

Vikki: My biggest goal is to be able to share my music on a larger scale. I make music because I love connecting with others the way I do with the artists I listen to. It’s such a beautiful thing when people tell you how your words reminded them of a moment in their life, or how it’s put into words how they feel. From love, to life, to everything in between, sometimes music has the answers we can’t otherwise find. Songwriting has always been a passion of mine and I would love to be able to continue doing it for a larger audience!

HC McGill: What advice do you have for young musicians who are just starting out? 

Vikki: Get to know other musicians, collaborate, do coffeehouse concerts. If you can’t play an instrument, YouTube provides great tutorials for beginners (that’s how I started). It’s a beautiful passion that everyone can benefit from no matter what career you decide to pursue.

Images obtained from interviewee