The Art of Dating Girls: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 : The Weirdest Date Ever...


Of all the dates I’ve been on in my life, there’s one that was the absolute weirdest date ever. When I think about 1st dates, I usually think about a coffee date, or going to a bar for a drink, or going to the movies (even if that’s a little boring). When I feel adventurous, my first dates can be going rock-climbing, or skating, or doing some kind of art activity. That’s just me, and maybe I am the weird one, but I feel like my first dates are pretty regular ones, and usually, they are fun and casual. But I guess this girl had another definition of a fun and casual first date. I’m not saying it was an awful date, I’m just saying it was weird as hell!


She started by asking me out on Instagram (a DM kind of situation, ya know!), which I thought was weird from the start. My Instagram isn’t very popular, so for this girl to find my profile and send me a message, she really needed to search the inter-webs! Her message was fine; apparently, she goes to McGill too and that’s where she saw me and decided to find me online. The thing is, I have no idea who this girl is. After a thorough stalk of her profile to try and figure out if she’s a serial killer or not, I answered her. Maybe you’ll think I’m a little insane for answering a girl who found my Instagram by some obscure magic, but she was really pretty! I know…I’m slightly pathetic, but cute girls will always be my weakness. Her name was Tegan, like in “Tegan and Sara”, which I thought was really cool. She told me about herself: she’s from Toronto and just moved to Montreal, doing her master’s degree at McGill in Political Science, has two cats. That last piece of information really hooked me, and we started talking about cats because cats are the best!


And that’s when it gets weird. She decided to ask me out, but by asking me if I wanted to meet her cats. Wait, what? You mean that, as our first date, you want me to come over to your place to meet your cats? Yeah…ahahah, no! That sounds like the beginning of a bad kidnapping movie.

“I know it’s weird” she texted, “but it could be fun.”


Hmm…really not convinced. But she was really pretty, so I told her that the only way I would agree to come to her place to meet her cats was if I could bring a friend to make sure I was not going to get murdered. She agreed to those terms. So two days later, after class, me and my friend went to the address she had given me. Her apartment building looked really nice, brand new apartments, the kind of place where the rent must be exceptionally high. At least it wasn’t an abandoned factory of something super sketchy. I knocked on the door and, about a minute later, Tegan opened the door. She was not a serial killer, she was not a catfish either. The girl standing in front of me was exactly who she had said she was: she looked like her pictures, she did go to McGill, and she did have two cats. My friend and I were both shocked. She invited us in, and we sat in the living room. Her two cats were adorable: one was all white and the other was grey and black. The white one was still a kitten, and he bounced around instead of walking, like he was so full of energy he couldn’t just walk normally. We played with both cats for about an hour, then she offered us a beer, and we together while my friend played with the kitten.

When we got up to leave, she hugged me, and that was it. As the door was closing behind me, I started laughing. This was the absolute weirdest date of my life, and I couldn’t believe that it had actually happened.

-You get that you essentially went on a double date with a girl and her cats, right?


-Yeah...Weird just got weirder!


-So, are you going to see her again? Asked my friend.


-I have no idea, but this was just a whole new level of weird!


We walked back to the metro, laughing like two lunatics. Everything about this date and the way it was plan could have lead anyone to think it was a catfish, or a joke. People told me I was stupid and crazy to answer this girl in the first place, and then to go to her place to “meet her cats”, but I did it anyway and it turned out to be quite fun. Will I ever go on another date with someone who asks me out on Instagram? Probably not, but this was one very funny experience. 


I did see Tegan again, at school this time. But even though she was really pretty, I wasn’t that into her, so I turned her down nicely when she asked me out again. She wasn’t mad or anything, and she said she wanted to stay friends. I also told her to not do the same thing to other girls, cause most girls would probably think she’s completely insane to invite them to “meet her cats”! Maybe I’m insane for saying yes when she asked me, but people who don’t do anything crazy once in a while have nothing to tell others at parties!


Truth or Fictions? ;)


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