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Arianna Fisher, Student & Artist

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Arianna Fisher is a bright student whom I had the pleasure to share a class with. She gives the Arts faculty a whole new meaning. I remember going over to her place once to study for our final and on her kitchen table sat some sketches. My first impression of her drawings was that a lot of the artist could be seen reflected in them. The clean, symmetric lines that seem to float with some imaginary wind current, and the soothing color scheme are symbols of Arianna’s warmth and down-to-earth personality. It was of no surprise to me when I saw that she had succeeded in putting her drawings up for sale on the hipster-ish art site Society6. Find out more about Arianna and her amazing art in this Q&A with her.

Fairy Moon

by Arianna Fisher

Her Campus (HC): Where is home for you?

Arianna Fisher (AF): Chicago, Illinois (personally, the best place ever – yes it is also my hometown)

HC: What year and faculty are you in?

AF: U2, Arts – Environmental Science

HC: Why did you choose McGill?

AF: To gain an international experience while still having my family in reasonable proximity.

HC: When did you start drawing?

AF: I began drawing when I was really little. My mom would buy rolls of paper and spread them out across our big dining room table where my siblings and I would sit and doodle for hours. I stopped drawing for a few years when life got busy, but I was re-inspired last summer and have since made sure to allow time for it. 

HC: What do you draw? Are you more inclined towards certain themes?

AF: A lot of my art is based on repeating patterns and symmetry, but I am often inspired by the sun and moon and opposing images.

Fishy II

by Arianna Fisher

HC: What is Society6?

AF: Society6 is a website that allows artists from around the world to post their work for sale in the form of canvases, prints, phone cases, t-shirts and more [for reasonable prices]. The website does the printing and shipping of the products for the artist. 

HC: How did you get your art to appear on the site?

AF: I had to take high quality pictures of the work and then create a profile to be able to post and price the pieces. 

HC: Do you aspire to be an artist?

AF: Not an artist per se, but I intend to find a way to integrate it into my environmental studies and activism. 




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